who needs an engagement ring?

image via le love

This week I actually happened to have a conversation about engagement rings and the question was, if I'd even want an engagement ring. My initial reaction was: OF COURSE! Then I had to defend my point of view a little, which made me feel like a silly cow that is obsessed with diamonds. Hello? I started realizing that in my hippie-esque family an engagement ring is fairly uncommon, my mum only wears a wedding band. In Germany we don't have such a big fuss about weddings in general. Everything is more practical than fashionable. Maybe that's why I like it. For me it's exotic and special. When I did research on this topic in the web I was surprised how many people even questioned that an engagement without a ring isn't an engagement at all. Of course it is. Remember the engagement guitar, here? If I want to marry someone, a ring is obviously the least important thing. But it is pretty. That's all.