about supernatural nails and japanese food

It’s the little things in life that are making me very happy, like coffee in the sunshine, or a new nail polish. Nails are huge at the moment. Which makes me happy, since I have always loved nail colours a lot. I am still staying away from nail art and sticking with simple uni colourings. The other day I met the girls behind the hip nail polish brand Rococo Nail Apparel, Ange and Vernice Walker. The talented sisters have worked as nail designers and celebrity manicurists with all the big names and started their own successful little family business. At the same time they are also 2 very humble and extremely kind sisters. No wonder they came so far. Real team work. And not only where this two interesting to chat to and told me about their passion for everything Japanese, including a slight very healthy obsession with Japanese food, they also offered to paint my nails and chose the coolest colour, which I now own as well (it’s LabNude 6.0). A mannequin nude, somehow vintagey, somehow clean but edgy at the same time. Or in Rococo’s words: Supernatural. Thanks ladies! So very nice to meet you, you have made my day.