My wonderful Christmas Boots

Image via BBC Good Food

I am celebrating Christmas in Summer this year. It is my first time. I am beyond excited about reinventing all new traditions and I have written about it here on my personal lifestyle blog Liv+Dave= I am dreaming about a homemade Pavlova and some cool Champagne. We are doing a little Secret Santa as well, and I am really looking forward to buying and wrapping gifts. My Mum just sent me those wonderful new shoes by Betty London, red ankle boots that look so festive in red with little golden zip. I really want to wear them for Christmas. Thanks for sending Mum, I love them, it's just...uhm...Christmas here in Sydney might be a little bit warmer than where you are in Germany. But I am sure I will get to wear them a lot, regardless. And now I am looking for a recipe to make the perfect Pavlova! Happy Christmas time everyone!