Smile Brilliant! Teeth whitening DIY style

smile Smile and you will always look lovely! I truly believe in this. While enjoying coffee quite a bit I found myself in need for some teeth whitening help. My teeth are ok to start of with, but there is a slight discoloration. How about turning my admin and writing days in the home office into a tooth whitening session? DIY Style.

Most of my brides get their teeth whitened before their weddings and I do think that it makes a big difference in your appearance. Its important not to go overboard though, as completely bleeched super white teeth do look fake and unnatural and aren't really a good look at all, while healthy looking pearl white teeth look amazing.

While I was at first thinking that getting your teeth whitened at a professional dentist might be a better and safer option, my research showed that they will use the same products to achieve the result. Of course at home it's down to your won judgement of the strength and time and you will need to make your own custom trays too. At a fraction of the cost I decided to give it a go and was hoping not to damage my healthy happy teeth in the process, however I have recently talked to a few clients who happily did the process at home without any problems.

A little bit wary if it will work and be safe I agreed to test smile brilliant teeth whitening pen with the LED lights for a home treatment.

I started a week ago with my treatments and while it's not the most comfortable experience, I did notice a difference. It's super easy to use the clicky pen, the gel can directly be applied with a little brush straight of the pen. The smell of the product was really pleasant of peppermint and I was able to hold the LED light with my lips, so I could actually work while whitening my teeth, it was much easier then I thought. I did 4 sessions starting with 30min and then increasing the time to an hour. I am really happy with the result as my teeth are still natural looking but definitely brighter than before. It was really easy enough to do by myself.

My teeth are a little sensitive in general so I would like to try their desensitizing gel I might review this at a later time and will let you know if it makes any difference.

Did you ever try to bleach your teeth at home or did you go to a dentist?

The set was provided to me by PR for consideration without charge, however this does not affect my personal opinion.