Mental Springclean & The Busy Trap

cca74d3572e672b1cc314391bc865f30 I can't wait for spring and sunshine which really puts me in the mood for a good spring clean. I started with a good apartment clean, followed by sorting through files and getting on top of organizing everything and getting ready for the next season. But also I started picking up my own meditation and Yoga practice and am in the process of getting back into a good exercise routine and more fresh and detoxifying food. I also limited my coffee intake to one a day.

I will cleanse my skin from the inside out. Personally I can always see when stress and busy times take over, how my skin reflects this immediately. With the change of season I am doing an internal Spring clean, keeping clear of any negative thoughts, let the god vibes roll and get my radiant skin back. As I am a bit of a workaholic I really need to remind myself to keep a healthy balance.

Time for self care is so very important, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, regular exercise and quiet time... It seems like the most simple changes have the biggest impact. Today I had a day to myself (as we speak) time for Yoga, meditation, and pampering while getting normal house stuff done. All the things that I haven't gotten around to in toooo long. The little things make all the difference. Today I am just happy and grateful for everything I have got. A mental spring clean.

Do you ever fall into the busy trap?