The get beautiful quick scheme by Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty Face Mask Review Vegan Organic Face Mask

Express! We all want quick results, don't we? While the truth is that great results and changes require a little effort and time and to change your skin for the better in the long run you probably need to change your nutrition, lifestyle and whole skin care regime... Sometimes a quick fix just does the trick! Especially if you are already on the right track.

My skin, for example, I am really happy with! I eat well, sleep well, I exercise, I am mostly happy and balanced and keep up with a good skin care regime.

But what if I just want a BOOST?

If I haven't had time for a beautiful at-home facial or work has been more time-consuming? What if there is a special event to go to and I just feel a teensy bit tired? My skin has lost it's it's glow?

Express Bloom Of Youth Infusion Mask.

I bet you, I will use up quite a few packs of these once baby girl is here.

This sheet mask is like an instant lift and hydration boost. It feels amazing on the skin! If you have used sheet masks before, you know what I am talking about! They are the best!
(except that they look a little scary while they are don't open the door for the postman or similar during treatment!) Instead, find yourself a cosy place and unwind for 15-20min.

The mask goes right onto the cleansed the skin and does not need to be washed off!
I like to use mine after a long day just before bed while relaxing. Or in the bathtub!
I use the excess liquid and rub it over my neck and decolletage, highly recommended.
Don't waste a precious drop of this!

This one stands out from the crowd, though by using only the purest, cleanest ingredients, while really giving results!
So what's in it you might ask? A true cocktail of active botanicals. The two most powerful ones in here are Ribose & Swertia Chirata who are boosting cell renewal and have wonderful anti-aging properties.

As ALL Edible Beauty Products, this is Vegan, Organic and leaves all nasties behind!