The Latest in Natural Indie Bath & Beauty

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Relaxation! So important for a new Mama! Or most of us really! Mama or not, we wear many hats and have countless responsibilities. With work lined up around the corner, I am creating little pockets of calm for me. Recharging pockets!
Yoga in the morning, a mask, bath, meditation or back rub at night... the little things are making all the difference.

I have recently tried some wonderful pampering products from some cute Indie Beauty labels.

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Freya's Nourishment has won me over with their Rose Hand Scrub. Constant hand washing and nappy changing have left my hands a little dry and rough in some parts and this is such a treat! Very restoring with a gorgeous balancing Rose scent I kept the little jar close to the basin and have enjoyed it so, so much! This would make such a lovely gift as well!
Freya's Nourishment is a small batch Australian beauty company with beautiful handmade bath & beauty products! The products are vegan and cruelty-free.
I have really enjoyed her Rose And Pomegranate Bath Salt and Wild Rose & Peony Candle.
(All her candles are phthalate free made with non-toxic fragrance!).
I felt comfortable burning this one beside my bath at night. Real Mama bliss.
(With our little baby in the house I am currently not burning any candles or oils in rooms that she is in. Babies developing lungs are very sensitive and it's best not to perfume the house!) 

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Another one to watch is Bear Lake Finds. It's an online store with a small selection of indie beauty products imported from the USA & carefully curated by the founder, who wanted to bring her favourite beauty products home and make them available in Australia. 
Most products are on the website are natural, all are cruelty-free and from small batch beauty labels.
I had never heard of the brands or products that she stocks so I was naturally curious!
Moon Rivers Naturals is a true gem. With Organic Ingredients and cool eco-friendly packaging, the products are great quality.
I discovered a luxurious Peppermint Lavender Body Scrub & Rose Geranium Bath Soak that made my skin glow and worries melt away. I am always on the hunt for a candle made with 100% essential oils and no synthetic fragrance, which is very hard to find! A candle that was so pretty I just wanted to keep it out on the shelf and sniff it.... Yep, that's the Slow North Lavender & Cedar Candle. If you like candles you will love these! And non-toxic !!! Stock up!
(We actually have a trip to the mountains coming up and I can't wait to light it there when soaking in the jacuzzi of our little chalet) 

And last but not least: Good Vibes Oil!
Which smells of Hippie (in a good way!) I have used it a few times when my emails and phone calls were overwhelming, with great success and a now carrying it in my handbag! Just in case... When the need arises I use a few drops on temples & neck and voila. Good Vibes all around! It is minty fresh with some earthy notes. Def unisex, on the masculine side. Not all the magical oils are revealed on the ingredient list, but we can be sure about chamomile & lavender working their soothing magic. It's a blend of organic flowers, essential oils and even a little quartz crystal swims in the little bottle. 

I will do a separate post about Aromatherapy for Mum's real soon! Stay tuned. 
Now excuse me while I take a bath in candle light ;)