Eco Sparkle Nail Polish


Glitter looks like harmless fun and who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

Sadly most glitter is made up from tiny pieces of plastic, which end up in the oceans endangering marine life and birds. 

Glitter is just part of a bigger problem of so called micro plastics, which can be found in exfolianting beads of face and body washes, for example. 

We all love the beach and the beautiful sea creatures, so it’s time to ditch the polluting cosmetics, girls! 

Sienna Byron Bay, one of my fave non-toxic nail polish brands has just stopped producing all regular glitter polishes and has replaced them with new sparkly colours using crushed crystals instead. So much more luxe, don’t you think? 

They are the first company worldwide to commit to this and I thought this deserves a little shout out.  

Their metallic colours are beyond beautiful and I feel many of the shades are also very suitable for brides! (Think soft rose gold shades, sparkly nudes, golds and more...)

I might have stocked up on a few :) 

Pictured above are Embrace, Honour, Liberty & Trailblazer. 

keep sparkling! Xo