dreaming of rock pools x becoming a make up pro : hot holiday planning + meeting the family

It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing in London.
Today we even have snow for the first time this winter.
I am not a big fan of this season.
It feels life threatening and my skin hates the cold as well.
I am constantly moisturizing and oiling my skin and drinking about 20 cups of spicy herbal teas a day.
I will survive- and there is good news! We will be in Australia in a few weeks time!
I have found work that is really fun and involves a lot make up and I am learning many new skills.
It's not clear if I can stay in this position after the holiday but I am giving my best and hope it will all work out.

We have been crazy busy, me starting a new job and David under pressure to finish projects before the holiday.This weekend we have been planning the days in Melbourne and Sydney- I am so excited
My favorite new words: +++ rock pool and +++ koala rooftop.
On Sunday we were chatting to Dave's family on skype for a while, and now I really can't wait to meet them.

I grew up without any brothers or sisters while Dave has a huge family with 3 more brothers and 1 sister.
Its amazing how they all get along and seem to be a lot of fun.
His parents are so friendly and welcoming, so I really don't have to be scared.
And we will all spend a week on the beach together. Yay! I am so excited.