= making the most out of a rainy day: watching the dinosaurs + warming up in the pub

A rainy ice cold Sunday is perfect for staying in bed.
Or for wrapping yourself up in the warmest winter-gear, grabbing a hot coffee and spending the day in the museum.
It was our first trip to the National History Museum.
I am in love with the building! I would love to have a party in there.
We saw the Dinosaurs, and a bunch of stuffed animals.

Dave said I look like a big cat. Something like a leopard or a puma.
I will take it as an compliment.

On the way back we bumped into a friend ours and her rad dog Chad.
So we spent a nice warm and cozy night in the local pub with butternut-squash-soup and cider.
I really start to like Britain even with it's rubbish weather.