Planning a big day: Sydney Makeup Workshop

All photos documented by JK Blackwell at twoguineapigs
The last weeks have been pretty hectic and a little chaotic as well, while we were preparing for day: My makeup workshop.
It was a wonderful collaboration between Blog Society, Eat Read Love and I (Liv Lundelius Makeup), held at the Create Or Die Studio in Marrickville.
With being fully booked around that date I was very grateful for Dave, little Dalston and remarkable friend and super talented photographer Julianna at twoguineapigs to put in the extra hours and get all details right. Even better that the last preparations have been documented. I guess most of you know that I am a professional makeup artist
The day went super well. It was a really great challenge and I am humbled to say the guests attending were just the most enthusiastic and passionate.
I am incredibly grateful to have my little family and friends supporting and uplifting me to follow my dreams. It was a truly special time.
I want to make time for family and friends in return, as I feel that my work and ambitions are consuming most of my time. I love my work so much and switching off is something I probably have to learn.
If you are a friend reading this, know that I will try my best to be a better friend, daughter, puppy mum, girlfriend, partner ... I really do. And thanks everyone for sticking around.

I will update this space soon with some coverage of the actual event and it's amazing partners. Stay tuned!

Dining Days & High Tables

Besides being out and about every free minute I also went dining at The High Table at the Hotel Centennial the other day, which was another wonderful event created by the lovely Nat from Eat Read Love. Not only was the interior absolutely amazing and the food delicious, the absolute highlight was to catch up with so many fabulous, creative and talented people.
I came home glowing and full of new inspirations.
And then we also had a romantic dinner out just the 2 of us, locally at Fish Face, it was possibly the best sea food we have ever had.
Photographs from the event by the talented Nadean Richards from Photography By Nadean 
 Styling: Lisa Madigan Host : Natalie Hayllar (eat read love)

While I love my work dearly it's important to remember to take time to recharge.
It might seem on our little blog as we are hanging out a lot but truth to be told I have maximum 1 day a week of at the moment and I might actually be a bit of a workaholic.

I lately had a blast at work, for the Hello May Editorial in Issue Five, since this video is good fun, I made an exception to the rule and share some work with you here. Check out the rad behind the scenes video below! It was a truly wonderful team.

Pedal to the Metal // Hello May // Behind the Scenes from Light Noise Films on Vimeo.

Creative direction:
Hair & Make-up:

Soupy times, cuddles and a magical book dining time

I do love being busy and I am always so full of new ideas and passion about my work that it's hard for me to sit still. However there are things that I miss in these crazy times, most of all:
Sleep! 2nd: The time to make healthy food, sit down to eat and eat well, 3rd: Time for cuddles and hanging out with my two fav boys in the world  and at last, number 4: Reading!

So I made some things priority no matter how busy everything felt, I bought some fresh flowers, and yummy groceries and cooked at home a few days in a row! Cuddles on the couch followed and also some earlier bed times.
All this was inspired by a brand new amazing healthy food cook book named "my darling, lemon, thyme..." which I found in my goodie bag at a wonderful evening that was all about a completely different book "Sapphire Skies" by Belinda Alexandra.
Through my job I got the last minute opportunity to attend a truly magical night at the Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel hosted by the wonderful Nat from the Eat Read Love blog.
I guess that was really the theme over the last weeks Eat, Read and LOVE.
It was a book launch dinner party, where the author was present and all tables were filled with Sydney's finest creative  talents, from photographers, bloggers, stylist, artists, editors, writers, entrepreneurs in many many fields ....
The photos of the event in this post are actually by the talented Photography By Nadean while all the at home pictures are as usual our own.
This night really inspired me on so many levels, and also showed me once again how important it is to make room to get together with great people.
While I haven't actually had the chance yet to start the book, (I will save it for times of travel and holiday!) I made time for some other important things and returned full of energy back to work with my wonderful clients.
Dave is filled with exciting new ideas too, which we will keep secret for a little while.
So it's all exciting times over here. The weather is still amazing while the evenings and mornings are getting cooler, which feels so refreshing.

Dalston our little man is still very busy loosing his teeth and cutting new ones while puberty hit him, being a little more cheeky, moody and demanding than usual, but then he just looks at us with his big brown eyes and little button nose, and he is learning new tricks all the time and we could never be angry at this little fluff-ball. He made our life so much better and we are so happy to have him.

Meet Dalston! One more sleep.

We are overly excited here tonight.
One more sleep and we are bring our new additon to the family home:
Havanese puppy Dalston!

We met him and his siblings the other week and visited before, he is now old enough to come with us.
On our visit we snapped a few pictures. We will be back with more very soon.

The next few weeks, will be filled with puppy fun: pre-school, training, socialization prob. some lack of sleep for all of us and lot's of time, for establishing a new little routine.

We have been waiting for this day for almost four years.
The house is puppy proofed and we got everything set up.

I noticed that most people don't know the breed. Ha-va-what? How do they look?
So I thought I include a link to a video about them here:

One more sleep!