Planning a big day: Sydney Makeup Workshop

All photos documented by JK Blackwell at twoguineapigs
The last weeks have been pretty hectic and a little chaotic as well, while we were preparing for day: My makeup workshop.
It was a wonderful collaboration between Blog Society, Eat Read Love and I (Liv Lundelius Makeup), held at the Create Or Die Studio in Marrickville.
With being fully booked around that date I was very grateful for Dave, little Dalston and remarkable friend and super talented photographer Julianna at twoguineapigs to put in the extra hours and get all details right. Even better that the last preparations have been documented. I guess most of you know that I am a professional makeup artist
The day went super well. It was a really great challenge and I am humbled to say the guests attending were just the most enthusiastic and passionate.
I am incredibly grateful to have my little family and friends supporting and uplifting me to follow my dreams. It was a truly special time.
I want to make time for family and friends in return, as I feel that my work and ambitions are consuming most of my time. I love my work so much and switching off is something I probably have to learn.
If you are a friend reading this, know that I will try my best to be a better friend, daughter, puppy mum, girlfriend, partner ... I really do. And thanks everyone for sticking around.

I will update this space soon with some coverage of the actual event and it's amazing partners. Stay tuned!