The Weekend Off Grid

Unplugging completely, catching up on much needed sleep in front of a crackling fireplace and to spent some time with each other away from the hustle and bustle was the idea.
Safe to say: We nailed it!

We stayed in the most magical little off grit cabin in the blue mountains, collecting firewood, learning how to make a good fire and keep it going, showering outdoors in the woods, and cooking warming meals, that powerful gas oven made the best vegetable roasts.
The highlights were that I was able to read a whole book and got the chance for plenty of naps. And the part I was scared about the most turned out to be the very best:
The outdoor shower! Nothing compares. Standing in the cold but sunny forrest, having hot water running over you, while watching birds. Our bathroom at home feels so boring now.
The place was simple and well designed. All the old and collected items made it very homey.
And the view was stunning. We played cards and we played Jenga. We drank prosecco and nibbled on cheese. It was the best getaway ever.

I always enjoy browsing through Leura, the beautiful little town full of cute shops and delicious cafes. Our favourites are Leura Garage (coffee & any food is delicious, David loves their pizza), and The Red Door (my favourite: chestnut&rosemary slice & really good coffee !)although we also discovered a very special place that was puppy friendly and had possibly the best breakfast we had in our lives: Lily's Pad Cafe.
Highly recommended!

We loved the time up there so much that we started to talk about creating our own little cabin somewhere. We even browsed a book on the worlds coolest sheds, and the idea of having this little escape is very intriguing. For now, I am sure we will happily return to this hut, whenever we get the chance. We left a little sad, as we could have easily stayed a few days longer, but full of new ideas and energy. Dalston had an absolute blast, as he was with us the whole time and had so much attention and playtime, he was also very good in helping to collect the twigs for the fire.