Plant Shopping & Plant Eating: Our Green Weekend

Plant Shopping & Plant Eating: Our Green Weekend

It's Saturday afternoon. Iam sitting in a cosy corner at Earth To Table. Happy and with a full belly after a very delicious meal. Friendly people are everywhere, chatting away and I am pondering on what to order for dessert. A salted caramel latte sounds perfect...

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Hello 2015!

There was something about 2014, it was the year over light speed.
Here is a little round up in pictures about what we got up to in the last week of the year.
Loving Summer and the outdoors we explored, walked had plenty of lovely food and coffees.
We were cuddling little Dalston whenever possible and tried our best to catch up on sleep.
Plenty of Christmas parties, dinners and catching up with family nights later, we are still going strong.
Everything happened so quickly and we didn't feel we had the chance to take it all in.
It was a great year! We got engaged, saw puppy Dalston grow into adulthood and had many fantastic
work opportunities. We finally found a comfortable spacious and bright new home by the water
and somehow survived the year in good health.
Our goal for 2015 is therefore Balance. Keeping our work up, yet focus on collaboration, friends
and our personal life as well. When you are creative I don't think you can separate work time from
times off, it's always a blurred line and sometimes you get your best ideas when walking the dog or lying on the beach. That's why I am not aiming for work life balance, I don't believe this exist, but rather staying in balance ourselves while working.
The year ended with a bang. I was even having a makeup job on NYE.
Afterwards we celebrated at home with the most delicious antipasti platter and prosecco, before
venturing out to the beach to watch the fireworks.
They were absolutely stunning and had unbelievable colours and shapes.
I really enjoyed the night and the fact we haven't had to plan or book anything, it was perfect.
Just us. The chance to take it all in, reflect and just be.

Here is to a wonderful 2015!
What did you get up to?

(P.S: November & December just vanished, and while we were keeping up with taking photos,
we missed the chance to share them here on our much loved little blog space, I will follow up with our adventures of the last months shortly!)

Happy birthday bushwalks, beard boxes & homemade pizza

Happy Birthday Husband To Be!

I haven't quite gotten used to calling Dave, finacé yet.
Every day I am grateful that we met and I am so excited about staying together forever.
This man constantly inspires me to be the best version of myself and with him I feel complete.
Thank you Dave, for everything.

Instead of the usual traditional birthday apple pie, we made pizza at home, by popular request of the birthday boy himself.

After unwrapping his wooden box filled with beard grooming goodies and breakkie at home we went for a long bush walk with Dalston. We even encountered a massive snake!
The first one I ever did see in the wild. I had a glimpse and ran...
An evening of pizza baking and watching movies finished of the perfect little day together.

With the engagement and rough wedding ideas planning we went through all of our old pictures, which was so much fun.  I am so glad we started this little blog way back when we met, and documented everything. So much has happened, and we look sooooo young in our first posts.
Life has been good to us. And we are very very happy.

Currently we are in the process of moving, unfortunately we have to move out of our little apartment.
We got so used to it, although it's tiny and dark, we love the location and the lovely area so much.
Hoping to find something really near by has proven to be trickier than we thought, and many apartments won't allow Dalston.
Being main wedding season, it's not the best timing for me to juggle the house hunt and move, but hey... it will all work out in the end. It's certainly not the first move.
Fingers crossed we find a new lovely space soon.

Right now with Summer on it's way I feel like running away from the city and living in a big beach house with ocean views instead.  I am also really craving to creating a home more long term.
I am REALLY over moving around. I crave my own space that we can call our home for year and years.

But for now we will enjoy this wonderful time of being freshly engaged and enjoy the Summer.

P.S: The dress is by a local Australian Designer, Briony Marsh, I love her stuff!