Two Fine Days + Plenty Of DIY

It's been busy!
Last weekend we were part of  One Fine Day, the amazing boutique wedding fair in Sydney.
It was the most beautiful little event and I am so happy we were involved.
I don't know if all of you know what I do for work, but I am a Makeup Artist.
I work in wedding makeup as well as fashion editorials. The weekend started early by preparing the models for the show in the morning.
Managing our little stall all day long for two days was so much fun and also a lot of work.
We met the loveliest people and so many of the other vendors, which you can check out in One Fine Days Directory on their website.
I hope to collaborate with a lot of them soon! Everyone we met was so inspiring and welcoming. It was the best start I could have ever hoped for.
The whole week beforehand we were busy putting everything together, organizing photos, printing postcards and promo material, and putting together little goodies for the brides and designing the stand itself.
With every booking we gave away little samples of my favorite and highly recommended organic herbal tea,
"Cleansing Brew" from Tea Medica, which is really purifying and nourishing for the skin.
I had quite some cups, during the stressful preparations. I love that it's such a small independent company and everything is locally grown and organic.
For the fair I filled the tea into little glass test tubes, which looked to pretty with the colourful tea, full of red rose petals, yellow calendula flowers and green herbs.
The response from the fair has been great, and it took me all week, to reply to the enquiries and bookings. We met so many lovely brides to be and their friends & families, and it makes me very happy to contribute to such an important and beautiful day in their lives.
Thanks to everyone who booked their makeup with me, I am really looking forward to working with all of you.
Dave has been my super hero, helping me out all weekend at the stand, getting coffees for my makeup artist and hairstyling colleagues and preparing the stand. He designed fantastic forms and
print material and all that at night time after he came home from work.
Yes, I am incredibly grateful for this man.
And now I am having one day off, before I start my next six day week. We might go to the beach.
We might catch up on some sleep, for a long time.
Hope you all had a great week!?

catching up, designs & pancakes

Dave is back and catching up never felt so good:
Pancakes, hugs and hanging out.
I felt super efficient and kept myself so busy, while he was gone
that by the end of the weed, I ended up having a twitch on my right eye, a sore stomach and a few other stress symptoms:
I just have a tendency to not stop working, if I don't get stopped.
And although I got a lot done, it feels much better to have a healthy balance back.
Of course it's the only long term way of staying productive as well.
To catch up properly we had a wonderful day off together, starting with a good lie in, pancake breakfast and loads of chatting and cuddle time.
In the afternoon we where productive again, getting my new business cards done
(so excited, can't wait to see the printed result).
Dave created a wonderful new logo, and we adjusted it together.
We had a nice walk to the printers, chose paper and foil and colours.
Right now we are in the process of updating my new Sydney makeup artist website.
It feels so good to prepare everything. And having little breaks too ;)
One more week at work, then packing, waving goodbye to my family and off we are...

Because we are going to be super busy moving to the other side of the world,
we scheduled some awesome bloggers who will share their guest-posts about Sydney and Australia.
So excited to feature them.
We are going to fill you in with little updates from us as well, but need a little more breathing time for the move. We will catch you soon.

London life - bits and pieces

This is a collage of bits and pieces we have been up to lately. The weather is all over the place right now. One day feels like winter the next like summer, it's a surprise from day to day.
It's reflected in the pictures as well, as you might have noticed (they don't really work together)
This week went in light speed. I can't believe it's Sunday night already!?
Here are the highlights of the week:
Learning how to roll sushi at our friends birthday party, eating all the amazing sushi too, making up a beautiful bride,  looking at Sydney real estate apps and dreaming about nice houses, ordering a new yellow swimsuit for the holiday, enjoying every sun ray that makes it over to us, starting the holiday countdown.
What have you been up to?