DIY Sunday: Building A Bookshelf

Dave has been doing a great job driving me around to any jobs with bigger distances and also with constantly loading and unloading my super heavy makeup suitcases.
I am also getting the occasional back & foot rub after long days. I am a pretty lucky pregnant lady right now.

We have also been working on some home improvement over here and finally attempted our bookshelf project. We had this old metal locker for years. Back in London we used to hang our coats and store our shoes in there. Ever since moving to Sydney it has been part of our living room and we have stored magazines & books in the lower half. Most of it remained empty, which is a silly waste of space...

A few wooden boards and screws later we designed and built a brand new bookshelf that can now hold all our books. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Dalston also had a blast shopping at the hardware store, being driven around in the trolley.

Our home is getting even homier... we are getting ready for you, bébé ! Creating space, storage and getting beautiful little things in place for you!

On that note: I have been feeling great and reading & exercising a lot.