British weather, cozy times and London style

We love Summer, the outdoor and the beach, but having a day off where it's actually raining is rare and really fun in Sydney, especially if all you want to do is to cuddle up with your family, read, snuggle and watch movies.
We had a day like this, a day that felt a bit like London. And home. Just a little bit.
We just got a new couch and framed some more pictures on the wall, we start to really feel at home here.
Wearing some new British and cozy shirts and puppy Dalston loving his new very British floral style doggie snugglebed , we were recharging and thinking of good old times and exciting new ones while enjoying to be just in the moment. I even wore a silk scarf on my head, like I used to wear it in London a lot.
While we usually don't miss the weather the unique and cool street style over in the U.K. is certainly missed.
The bed is so bouncy and comfy that Dalston kept jumping on it, and while he usually sleeps on the cool floor during these summer days, he now spends every lazy minute on his pretty daybed.
Joules was generous to send us these beautiful items and we couldn't be happier with them.

I think we will be back for some more online shopping real soon.

It's the odd rainy day, that we are very happy about right now over here.

Two Fine Days + Plenty Of DIY

It's been busy!
Last weekend we were part of  One Fine Day, the amazing boutique wedding fair in Sydney.
It was the most beautiful little event and I am so happy we were involved.
I don't know if all of you know what I do for work, but I am a Makeup Artist.
I work in wedding makeup as well as fashion editorials. The weekend started early by preparing the models for the show in the morning.
Managing our little stall all day long for two days was so much fun and also a lot of work.
We met the loveliest people and so many of the other vendors, which you can check out in One Fine Days Directory on their website.
I hope to collaborate with a lot of them soon! Everyone we met was so inspiring and welcoming. It was the best start I could have ever hoped for.
The whole week beforehand we were busy putting everything together, organizing photos, printing postcards and promo material, and putting together little goodies for the brides and designing the stand itself.
With every booking we gave away little samples of my favorite and highly recommended organic herbal tea,
"Cleansing Brew" from Tea Medica, which is really purifying and nourishing for the skin.
I had quite some cups, during the stressful preparations. I love that it's such a small independent company and everything is locally grown and organic.
For the fair I filled the tea into little glass test tubes, which looked to pretty with the colourful tea, full of red rose petals, yellow calendula flowers and green herbs.
The response from the fair has been great, and it took me all week, to reply to the enquiries and bookings. We met so many lovely brides to be and their friends & families, and it makes me very happy to contribute to such an important and beautiful day in their lives.
Thanks to everyone who booked their makeup with me, I am really looking forward to working with all of you.
Dave has been my super hero, helping me out all weekend at the stand, getting coffees for my makeup artist and hairstyling colleagues and preparing the stand. He designed fantastic forms and
print material and all that at night time after he came home from work.
Yes, I am incredibly grateful for this man.
And now I am having one day off, before I start my next six day week. We might go to the beach.
We might catch up on some sleep, for a long time.
Hope you all had a great week!?

This & That + Puppy Fever

Time has been flying by, we are preparing for our move into the new flat,
have both been working a lot and falling into bed very very tired afterwards.
I caught a cold somehow and feel my body needed some more rest to cope with all the changes.
We did squeeze in a few after work swims, which is the best thing ever.
It's not long to Christmas now, gifts needed to be bought and wrapped and wishlists needed to be written. We didn't really take the camera out this week, juggling tasks and trying to find a little routine, but I did snap some photos on my phone at least.
We probably won't have internet for two weeks in the new apartment, but at least that little break will
keep us focused on spending our time doing the place up nicely.
We are so excited to move in and are collecting ideas for our new home.
The highlight of my week was meeting the fluffy furball above randomly on the road.
His owner came up to me straight away, probably seeing the big smile on my face when I saw the dog asking me if I wanted to hold him!  I can't wait for us to get a dog. I have got puppy fever!

Guestpost: Sydney's best vintage markets

Hi everyone, I'm Jessica from Little Henry Lee! While Liv and Dave are busy moving their lives halfway around the world I've been asked to share a little guest post with you. As you all know, theyíre moving to Sydney, and being a local I thought I'd share some of my favourite second hand and vintage markets that I think are worth paying a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.

1. Sydney Alternative & Rock N Roll Markets

When: every second month, the next one is on Sunday, 2nd December

Times: 10:30am - 5:30pm

Where: Manning Bar, Sydney University, Camperdown

What You'll Find: some vintage and a lot of vintage inspired new clothing and jewellery, as well as live music

My Thoughts: this is a great little event that I've been to several times in the last couple of years. It's very much geared towards rockabilly and 1950s fashion and because there's live music and a bar it makes for a really great day out.

2. Glebe Markets

When: every Saturday

Times: 10:00am-4:00pm

Where: Glebe Public School, corner of Derby Place & Glebe Pt. Road

What Youíll Find: new and second hand clothing, records, books and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: I've only been to these markets once before but they're in a great location, right on the edge of the city. Bonus points for having a large Salvation Army store a few minutes walk away, and I highly recommend brunch at Badde Manors CafÈ on the same street as well as a general wander down Glebe Pt Road.

3. Rozelle Markets

When: every Saturday & Sunday

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Where: Rozelle Public School, 663 Darling St, Rozelle

What Youíll Find: second hand clothing, records, books and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: these markets are deceptively large as they actually spread all the way to the back of the school grounds and you can't see most of the stalls from the outside. Rozelle and the neighbouring suburb of Balmain are really lovely for walk around in the sun, and while you're there it's definitely worth popping into either of the two Adriano Zumbo patisseries for some of his famous macarons.

4. Gordon Markets

When: the 2nd Sunday of every month

Times: 8:30am-3:00pm

Where: Wade Lane, Gordon

What Youíll Find: second hand books, records, bric-a-brac, clothing and fresh baked goods

My Thoughts: My local markets! They're about a 30-40minute train ride from city but perfectly easy to get to if you're willing to travel (you can see the markets from the train station) and dead easy for me as I live a 5 minute drive away. I've found so many great things here over the years, though I'll admit I don't think I've ever bought clothes here. It's mostly people's second hand things with one or two dedicated book sellers and a fresh cake stall or two, but itís also undercover so you can count on these markets going ahead rain, hail or shine!

5. 50s Fair

When: Annually, next year's date hasn't been announced yet

Times: from 10:00am

Where: Rose Seidler House, 71 Clissold Road Wahroonga

What You'll Find: live music, vintage fashion shows/modelling, vintage and vintage inspired clothes and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: I've been to the fair the past two years and it's definitely worth a visit! There's quite an expensive entry fee and it's more of an event than just markets, and you also have to wait a full year for it to come around again, but it really is a wonderful day out. Everyone is dressed up so beautifully and it's the perfect excuse to do the same yourself! It's also in my local area so it's super easy for me to get to, but people come from far and wide for this fair and they bring their vintage cars with them.

6. Love Vintage Show

When: Twice a year, next year's dates not announced yet

Where: Cantebury Racecourse Function Centre, King St, Cantebury

What You'll Find: vintage and some vintage inspired fashion, jewellery and bric-a-brac, live fashion shows and tips

My Thoughts: a fantastic vintage event that I went to for the first time this year. There are so many beautiful things to look through and prices range from the very cheap to the very expensive. I went expecting everything to be out of my price range but I did manage to come away with a few things and enjoyed just looking at the rest of it.

Thanks Jessica! It's great to have you as a guest over here. It's so helpful while moving.
I will check these places out when we are getting there.
Packing, boxing and having our leaving party, (sob!)
If you want to keep up to date with us in the meantime follow me on instagram

to see what we are up to until we are back to regular posting soon! Take care.

Celebrations, Autumn walks and Design

This weekend was full of celebration time. 
The best news of the week and reason for extra celebrations was that Dave got a fantastic design job confirmed for Sydney! I am so excited and happy, it's just the best start!
It was his birthday too, and we will fill you in soon with a birthday party post.
I took him out for a big Autumn walk along the river and across Tower Bridge to the Design Museum. We got some great inspiration.
It was exciting to wear my new Autumn wardrobe out, and enjoying the chillier weather.
It just felt so good to be outdoors.
I got a new lightweight burgundy coat, a gorgeous birdie print (head-) scarf and a tan leather bag all sponsored by the Swedish clothing company Ellos, which are just perfect for this season.
Now that Dave's job is confirmed we are now busy planning my freelance career: Updating my Portfolio, working on new business cards, organizing photo shoots.
There is plenty to do. Fingers crossed things will fall into place for me as well.
Ideas keep buzzing through my head, there is so much I want to realize and am looking forward to start working in Sydney.
Every day I am falling more and more in love with this man, planning everything that lays ahead of us, brings us even closer together. Nothing makes me happier then working on creative projects together.