Winter Days and Winter Nights

Winter is so different here and I am really enjoying it.
At night time we started using the little gas heater, we are burning candles, cooking soups, sleeping with hot water bottles and staying in much more, sometimes watching a movie.
The cold green smoothies for breakfast have been replace with warm porridge in the morning.
It feels very good this Sydney winter.
During the day it's very mild no need for heavy coats, boots or gloves. It's crisp. Plenty of blue skies and bright days. I even enjoy the darker grey days though, they remind me of London and also help to stay productive.
After my computer died recently I am still organizing files in a new and better way and just generally finding a good time to review and improve things. Sorting, tidying, decluttering and getting ready for a brand new Spring time soon.

My apologies for the iPhone only photos at this time. Dave took off to a business trip in Arizona and he took the camera, including all photos we have snapped over the last weeks: Ooops.
So here just a little sneek peak from the phone and more very soon.

We have been exploring more of the Inner West and Redfern lately, including the great light installation at Carriageworks.

Dave left this morning and I am missing him already. The upside is that I am excited for him to travel in his new job and he is also going to bring lot's of wonderful makeup for my professional kit back for me. While I was updating all my client files and doing some admin tonight, I went through quite some photos of us during the last years and it feels like we have done a lot.

We haven't even been here in Australia for a year, but so much new and exciting has happened already.
I am feeling incredibly grateful about how my career is progressing and how many fabulous opportunities keep popping up. 
Oh and in case you have enjoyed my previous skin guest posts for White magazine, check out the other parts here too.
I will update you all with more about us as soon as Dave returns!
What do you like to do in Winter? Or if there is Summer where you are, how do you adjust your routines with the seasons?

Celebrations, Autumn walks and Design

This weekend was full of celebration time. 
The best news of the week and reason for extra celebrations was that Dave got a fantastic design job confirmed for Sydney! I am so excited and happy, it's just the best start!
It was his birthday too, and we will fill you in soon with a birthday party post.
I took him out for a big Autumn walk along the river and across Tower Bridge to the Design Museum. We got some great inspiration.
It was exciting to wear my new Autumn wardrobe out, and enjoying the chillier weather.
It just felt so good to be outdoors.
I got a new lightweight burgundy coat, a gorgeous birdie print (head-) scarf and a tan leather bag all sponsored by the Swedish clothing company Ellos, which are just perfect for this season.
Now that Dave's job is confirmed we are now busy planning my freelance career: Updating my Portfolio, working on new business cards, organizing photo shoots.
There is plenty to do. Fingers crossed things will fall into place for me as well.
Ideas keep buzzing through my head, there is so much I want to realize and am looking forward to start working in Sydney.
Every day I am falling more and more in love with this man, planning everything that lays ahead of us, brings us even closer together. Nothing makes me happier then working on creative projects together.