Scultures By The Sea & Family Hangs

We got up early on Sunday morning and made it to the last day of this years Sculptures By The Sea. It was so worth it, while it was tricky to keep Faye’s little fingers of the artworks that had a “no touch” sign, it was such a great exhibit to go to with little ones. So much open space and opportunity to run around. Many artworks were also allowed to be touched, climbed or explored.
Sipping pineapple juice in the sun, seing amazing art with Ocean view… We truly are living in paradise.
Its the busiest time of year for me and I amaze myself how we somehow still make family time in between all the hustle. I am def loosing out on sleep these days working until late at night but its worth freeing up a few hours here and there to all do something fun together.

Faye’s favourite were clearly the large African animals that climbed out of manholes. She kissed the Tiger and was fascinated with the Elephants feet.

I love love love her age right now. (don’t I always say that?) It’s really fun to take her out and about now and she is getting more and more curious about the world.

If you are following me on Insta, you will get to see more of our practical parenting stuff…

(home/room/montessori set up/ toileting updates/etc)

A big hug from all of us to you! Thanks for following along.

Art & Islands

After we went to the MCA we finally manged a ferry trip over to Cockatoo Island, where another part of the Biennale of Sydney exhibition has been placed!
The weather was just incredible and we loved exploring all the old industrial parts (probably a little more than the actual art of the Biennale, which brought us there)

We had a drink in the sunny The Island Bar and just felt we had the best day ever.
That sort of day where you are just can't get rid of that big grin on your face, and the happiness just tingles your stomach.
I am still crazy about this guy! I feel so lucky and grateful to have him in my life and for all the time we are spending together.

Little Dalston stayed at home with cone and bandage, as he just had a little surgery,
but by now he's all up to scratch and if you are into puppies you can follow him on Instagram here
if you like. He is just the most wonderful little man and we love him to bits!

We are a little slow to catch up over here these days, and hope you still enjoy following our journey!
We certainly love to have you here.

Celebrations, Autumn walks and Design

This weekend was full of celebration time. 
The best news of the week and reason for extra celebrations was that Dave got a fantastic design job confirmed for Sydney! I am so excited and happy, it's just the best start!
It was his birthday too, and we will fill you in soon with a birthday party post.
I took him out for a big Autumn walk along the river and across Tower Bridge to the Design Museum. We got some great inspiration.
It was exciting to wear my new Autumn wardrobe out, and enjoying the chillier weather.
It just felt so good to be outdoors.
I got a new lightweight burgundy coat, a gorgeous birdie print (head-) scarf and a tan leather bag all sponsored by the Swedish clothing company Ellos, which are just perfect for this season.
Now that Dave's job is confirmed we are now busy planning my freelance career: Updating my Portfolio, working on new business cards, organizing photo shoots.
There is plenty to do. Fingers crossed things will fall into place for me as well.
Ideas keep buzzing through my head, there is so much I want to realize and am looking forward to start working in Sydney.
Every day I am falling more and more in love with this man, planning everything that lays ahead of us, brings us even closer together. Nothing makes me happier then working on creative projects together.

The British Museum and waiting for Spring

Today I really needed some extra hugs.
Dave did a great job in cheering me up with yummy food, coffee and a good back massage and extra hugs, so that I feel recharged for the week.
At the beginning of this week still sparkling and full of motivation, I somehow felt just exhausted and rugged by this Sunday.
It's been busy and cold and very rainy too.
Please Spring, come back soon! We need some solar power.
Two people have inspired me this week and deserve a special mention here:
My friend Josie, who just gave birth to her beautiful little baby girl Amelie.
And Dave's  little sister who is such a  talented dancer and won an amazing dance competition.
Well done, Rebecca we are so proud!

We went to the British Museum for some inspiration.
The building is so stunning and I loved the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, they did some amazing jewellery and even make up . We saw the real mummies too, which was a little spooky but interesting.
And finally the sun came out for a little while too, so we could enjoy a muffin and coffee outdoors.

Now I am already excited and recharged for tomorrows upcoming beauty photo shoot. I love being a Make Up Artist though it is a very competitive job,
especially in London. It does take some time to make a good name for yourself and keeping your portfolio up to date.
But it's all worth it. Our Credo of the week "Keep up and you will be kept up!"