markets, stuff & dreaming of bikes

Summer hit London last minute. While everyone is getting in Autumn mood, the sun made a surprise visit. Dave has been strolling around markets, while I have been working the whole weekend.
I caught the sun for an hour at lunch break at least. And while I had some amazing creative makeup jobs this week, he bought plenty of fresh fruit and was preparing a picnic in the park, for me after work. What would I do without this man?
Dave took all these colourful photos as well, around our neighborhood.
Isn't that yellow bike just perfection? We are dreaming about bike rides in Sydney over here,
already checking out routes and gear that we are planning to get.
We haven't been riding bikes in London but we really want to start it down in Sydney.
I  am so excited. Do you ride a bike?

Dalston Street Feast + Curve Garden Time

We have got a new market in Dalston! Every Friday night (!) hidden away in a car park there is a little food festival going on during the summer: The Street Feast Dalston.
I love our neighborhood so much, it's constantly developing.
The best thing is that this is happening literally next door to our house.
We went for Indian food. Dave couldn' get enough of the the Bhajis.
I had a very very good mango ice cream for desert.
I will sure be back to that ice cream stand and will try a different flavor every week.
Salted caramel is next! What a great way to start the weekend with such a treat.

Also just a few steps down the road opened the green oasis of the community garden Dalston Curve.
I go there as soon as I have a free minute and the sun is out. I always bring my diary and write all sorts of ideas and lists down. Somehow all the green inspires me instantly every time.
This time of year its extra lush over there, every little inch is flourishing and blooming.
I actually saw the biggest sunflowers in my life there!
The whole set up and decorations are made with so much love.
I can't thank the people that started that place enough.

As you might have noticed I am in the process to redesigning our blog.
There are still some little tweaks to do, so please excuse that it looks a little messy for the time being.
It's work in progress; )


Diamond Jubilee and British Weather

The last weeks have been bright and sunny and purely amazing but just in time for the long weekend and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Parties, the temperature has dropped and it has been wet, very very wet. Boooooooo. Why oh why, dear June?
We have tried our best to keep up and attended the local street party anyway and it was fun.
Everyone put such an effort into costumes, cupcakes, and decorations, even the dogs were wearing flags.
It was very similar to last years royal wedding party on Wilton Way.
See our post from last year and here and a great video here, to get an idea.
When we got too soaked and too cold, we went for fantastic giant Pizzas at
Bella Vita
a warm and cozy restaurant on Broadway Market.
And after snuggled up to watch a movie, with loads of blankets at home.

The British Museum and waiting for Spring

Today I really needed some extra hugs.
Dave did a great job in cheering me up with yummy food, coffee and a good back massage and extra hugs, so that I feel recharged for the week.
At the beginning of this week still sparkling and full of motivation, I somehow felt just exhausted and rugged by this Sunday.
It's been busy and cold and very rainy too.
Please Spring, come back soon! We need some solar power.
Two people have inspired me this week and deserve a special mention here:
My friend Josie, who just gave birth to her beautiful little baby girl Amelie.
And Dave's  little sister who is such a  talented dancer and won an amazing dance competition.
Well done, Rebecca we are so proud!

We went to the British Museum for some inspiration.
The building is so stunning and I loved the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, they did some amazing jewellery and even make up . We saw the real mummies too, which was a little spooky but interesting.
And finally the sun came out for a little while too, so we could enjoy a muffin and coffee outdoors.

Now I am already excited and recharged for tomorrows upcoming beauty photo shoot. I love being a Make Up Artist though it is a very competitive job,
especially in London. It does take some time to make a good name for yourself and keeping your portfolio up to date.
But it's all worth it. Our Credo of the week "Keep up and you will be kept up!"

A picnic on primrose hill + and a meal on the farm

I am feeling so much gratitude today and here is to my weekend heroes:

Dear Summer thank you for giving us a little preview this weekend.
Thank you for rising the temperature high enough to skip the tights, YAY.
Thank you work schedule that I happened to have this wonderful sunny weekend off.
Thank you Hackney City Farm for having so many tasty vegetarian options on your menu.
Thank you David for spending the whole weekend together and all the knuddeling time
Thank you Dimitra, for inviting us to Keith Farquar's great art show on Saturday night.
Thank you old Indian lady for the compliment and bonding experience due to our nose ring.
Thank you Cafe Gossip for really great coffees and amazing cake
Thank you hay-fever for disappearing and making me feel better by Sunday again
Thank you Louise Hay, for writing an inspiring book.
Thank you legs for being so strong on my run, even though it was an early start on Saturday.
Thank you Camera for once more capturing happy times.
Thank you The Flashdance for your awesome free playlist that made me dance in the morning.
Thank you phone for letting me play around and capturing video.
Thank you Mum for your cute text messages.
Thank you flat mates for awesome homemade brownies this week.
Thank you bed for being so comfortable each night.
Thank you for all the great work collaborations and make up projects, I love my job.

++++Our weekend: Picnic on Primrose Hill ///// Loads of sunshine //// Running along the canal
Gallery opening at the Hotel ----Vietnamese dinner-----
Visiting & Breakfasting the Hackney City Farm----coffees at Broadway Market----------
Chatting to the family and getting some good sleep++++++