A picnic on primrose hill + and a meal on the farm

I am feeling so much gratitude today and here is to my weekend heroes:

Dear Summer thank you for giving us a little preview this weekend.
Thank you for rising the temperature high enough to skip the tights, YAY.
Thank you work schedule that I happened to have this wonderful sunny weekend off.
Thank you Hackney City Farm for having so many tasty vegetarian options on your menu.
Thank you David for spending the whole weekend together and all the knuddeling time
Thank you Dimitra, for inviting us to Keith Farquar's great art show on Saturday night.
Thank you old Indian lady for the compliment and bonding experience due to our nose ring.
Thank you Cafe Gossip for really great coffees and amazing cake
Thank you hay-fever for disappearing and making me feel better by Sunday again
Thank you Louise Hay, for writing an inspiring book.
Thank you legs for being so strong on my run, even though it was an early start on Saturday.
Thank you Camera for once more capturing happy times.
Thank you The Flashdance for your awesome free playlist that made me dance in the morning.
Thank you phone for letting me play around and capturing video.
Thank you Mum for your cute text messages.
Thank you flat mates for awesome homemade brownies this week.
Thank you bed for being so comfortable each night.
Thank you for all the great work collaborations and make up projects, I love my job.

++++Our weekend: Picnic on Primrose Hill ///// Loads of sunshine //// Running along the canal
Gallery opening at the Hotel ----Vietnamese dinner-----
Visiting & Breakfasting the Hackney City Farm----coffees at Broadway Market----------
Chatting to the family and getting some good sleep++++++