Happy Easter in brainstorming central

Happy Easter, everyone!

The last week has been full of interesting Make Up Projects and long hours for Dave.
It has also been full of very inspiring ideas, extra nice company and delicious food:

Daves brother Adrian and his boyfriend Alex moved over from Sydney last week and have been staying with us for a week. They have been a great inspiration and I am very happy to have them around.
Full house can be so much fun. Having family around is such a beautiful thing.
It helps if they are the masters of sticky date pudding, (oh yummy days!)
I can't wait sometimes for the having our own little family one day and am looking forward to the craziness and creative chaos kids will bring to our home one day.
Today Dave and me are hanging out in pyjamas and enjoying that it's quiet.
We cooked a huge savory Easter breakfast with hash browns, mushrooms&smoked tofu, kale and avocado and had snuggle time on the couch.
It's very cold and rainy over here these days. Brrrrrrrr!
After the morning coffee we found ourselves in brainstorming central!
He is working and sketching many new designs, and she has some new ideas in her head too ; )