Happy Anniversary x Morocan Breakfast + even more ideas : a lot of rain

The top 10 highlights of this week:

#1 We celebrated our anniversary with Moroccan breakfast at the Railroad
#2 Even more brainstorming and good ideas (Top Secret) ; )
#3 Finding colour on even the most grey and rainy days
#4 Realizing the weather in London does no longer effect my mood, because it's getting boooring
#5 Getting up 30min earlier to have breakfast in bed together before work
#6 Sharing ideas, making plans and being inspired by/with
     Dave's brother Adrian and his Boyfriend Alex the great photographers.
#7 Getting one lovely email from an old friend and being able to reconnect
#8 Getting my website fixed thanks to my super smart friend Mareike in Berlin
#9 Spending a day in the fantastic bookstore and cafe Foyles.
#10 Going for a run in the morning and feeling warm and motivated all day

How was your week and what makes you happy right now?
Have a great start into the new week, everyone.