catching up, designs & pancakes

Dave is back and catching up never felt so good:
Pancakes, hugs and hanging out.
I felt super efficient and kept myself so busy, while he was gone
that by the end of the weed, I ended up having a twitch on my right eye, a sore stomach and a few other stress symptoms:
I just have a tendency to not stop working, if I don't get stopped.
And although I got a lot done, it feels much better to have a healthy balance back.
Of course it's the only long term way of staying productive as well.
To catch up properly we had a wonderful day off together, starting with a good lie in, pancake breakfast and loads of chatting and cuddle time.
In the afternoon we where productive again, getting my new business cards done
(so excited, can't wait to see the printed result).
Dave created a wonderful new logo, and we adjusted it together.
We had a nice walk to the printers, chose paper and foil and colours.
Right now we are in the process of updating my new Sydney makeup artist website.
It feels so good to prepare everything. And having little breaks too ;)
One more week at work, then packing, waving goodbye to my family and off we are...

Because we are going to be super busy moving to the other side of the world,
we scheduled some awesome bloggers who will share their guest-posts about Sydney and Australia.
So excited to feature them.
We are going to fill you in with little updates from us as well, but need a little more breathing time for the move. We will catch you soon.

Happy Easter in brainstorming central

Happy Easter, everyone!

The last week has been full of interesting Make Up Projects and long hours for Dave.
It has also been full of very inspiring ideas, extra nice company and delicious food:

Daves brother Adrian and his boyfriend Alex moved over from Sydney last week and have been staying with us for a week. They have been a great inspiration and I am very happy to have them around.
Full house can be so much fun. Having family around is such a beautiful thing.
It helps if they are the masters of sticky date pudding, (oh yummy days!)
I can't wait sometimes for the having our own little family one day and am looking forward to the craziness and creative chaos kids will bring to our home one day.
Today Dave and me are hanging out in pyjamas and enjoying that it's quiet.
We cooked a huge savory Easter breakfast with hash browns, mushrooms&smoked tofu, kale and avocado and had snuggle time on the couch.
It's very cold and rainy over here these days. Brrrrrrrr!
After the morning coffee we found ourselves in brainstorming central!
He is working and sketching many new designs, and she has some new ideas in her head too ; )

The museum of childhood

Last Sunday we went for a long walk to the Museum of Childhood.
It was wonderful how we got all these memories back as soon as we recognized toys that we owned or the ones that we always wished for.
There were toys from the beginning of times and it was very inspiring.
On our way back we discovered a few new shops with amazing interior.
And now we are back to the future and it's my birthday week.
I just turned 28- time flies. 
I am looking forward to this weekend of celebration.

busy buzzing season is here

Bye bye Summer, see you next year! I can't wait.
London is back to busy buzzing, Summer is definitely long gone.
I have a feeling the next months are going to be crazy.
Dave will have to go on several business trips and I got many exciting make up projects and photo shoots coming up.
I am really looking forward to this, somehow I always work so much more in Fall/Winter.
Alhough we have both been working seven days, I am grateful we fitted in a lovely evening with friends in the pub in and went to our brand-new local cinema on Sunday night. And here is to another week of madness...
Are you feeling busier this time of year as well?

after fashion week ≥ comes design week

After being out to several Fashion Week events  in between make-up jobs ( I will follow up later!), we went to the Icon Magazine party as part of London Design Week last night. It was one of the first chilly nights here in London and I needed to bring my fluffy coat to keep cozy at the outdoorsy venue in Shoreditch.
I loved the whole lighting design at the event. They created a huge white wall with blank magazine covers so the that the guests could show their artistic skills and illustrate them with paint, markers and pencils: Dave went for it.
I was really excited about the Lego landmarks we found in our goody bags. I haven't had a play with Lego for about 20years. Hungry after all the playing around we went to our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant Viet Hoa on the way home.