Noodling at Night x Date Night In Spring

We get already wonderful warm nights here in Sydney, so the other day we went to the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. It was crowded and we had line up for some food but it was well worth it!
We haven't been sitting in the grass dining for a little while and was about time.
Another sign that Summer is around the corner.
Yummy Asian Food, drangon dancers, laterns, music, a full moon and time with Dave: What a night. We didn't really research all the stands and couldn't really be asked to squeeze through every single food stall to read the menu so we just started lining up and hoping for the best...
I was hoping for something a little lighter but ended up with Pad Thai and Spring Rolls, really really good ones though.
On our way home we played around the mirror art installation a little, knuddled a few little puppy dogs along the way and had a good night sleep afterwards.
We are refreshed for more house hunting and loads of new exciting creative projects.

A Vivid Sunday In Syndey

Getting up early going for a run, going for the best breakfast we have had over here and afterwards just walking- all day long, stopping at several book stores, flicking through pages and pages of inspiration for upcoming projects, and then walking further, into the night, watching the lights at the great Vivid Festival.
With the bright full moon and all the wonderful light projections the city looked even better than usual. That was our Sunday! And so we fell in love once again, with Sydney.
This is such a special place and I am so happy and grateful to call it my home.
Thanks Sydney for being such an awesome City.

 P.S. The best Breakfast was at Tuk Tuk, in Paddington, we will sure be back!
PPS: I received some really beautiful flowers this week which I then photographed for my
Exercise For Glowing Skin post, here at WHITE magazine. Go over and check it out too, if you like!

Sometimes All You Need Is A Holiday + Dolphins + BBQ's

Even if it's only for three days!
After a couple of weddings this Easter weekend,
We got up super early on Sunday morning to drive down the coast to Jervis Bay.

The best idea ever! I don't even know where to start...
I hope our photos do the beauty of the nature some justice!

The drive was already beautiful- While it was storming on our way down there, and raining on our little boat trip the whole time we spent there was blue skies and sunshine.
We were driving down by the coast, stopping over at some great viewing point while the sun was rising.
Once in Husskinson the slightly bigger down in the area, we went for delicious breakfast and coffees,
strengthening ourselves for the boat ride across the whole bay.
And we saw dolphins! Even a little baby one!
They were too fast to capture but Dave managed to snap a little part of them.
It was a magical experience.

Hyams Beach, where we were staying at has the whitest sand beach in the whole wide world (yes, it actually is in the Guiness Book Of World Records).
The water was the cleanest most turquoise I have seen, the nature was overwhelmingly beautiful.
Our little cottage with ocean view, was the cutest thing I have ever seen.
The owners put so much love into it, it showed in every detail.
Actually it was so good that on our second night we didn't even want to go out for dinner! We had a seafood BBQ on the veranda instead. AMAZING.

More about our little getaway very soon!
Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend.

after fashion week ≥ comes design week

After being out to several Fashion Week events  in between make-up jobs ( I will follow up later!), we went to the Icon Magazine party as part of London Design Week last night. It was one of the first chilly nights here in London and I needed to bring my fluffy coat to keep cozy at the outdoorsy venue in Shoreditch.
I loved the whole lighting design at the event. They created a huge white wall with blank magazine covers so the that the guests could show their artistic skills and illustrate them with paint, markers and pencils: Dave went for it.
I was really excited about the Lego landmarks we found in our goody bags. I haven't had a play with Lego for about 20years. Hungry after all the playing around we went to our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant Viet Hoa on the way home.