Love Locks + Rock Diving in Dubrovnik

Diving of rocks, slurping giant ice coffees (that kind that comes with scoops of vanilla ice cream floating inside!), getting the most breathtaking views eating the best pizza and fresh seafood.
When we arrived in Dubrovnik we discovered a beautiful love lock location up the hill Boninovo overlooking the sea. Later on the trip we found a rusty old beautiful lock and decided to engrave it to lock it up there on our last day.
Going through all our photos, we found it really hard to select which ones to share with you.
Looking at them, I think I would always love to come back to Croatia.
It is a very special place and it will always have a space in my heart.
Some places just do that to you. Maybe the love padlock has something to do with it?

This trip definitely brought us even closer together.
We are already missing you, Croatia.

And here is to the heroes of our trip:

The constant sun, shining down on us every day.
The sea, for being so sparkly and clear
The Team of our B&B Villa Klaic, which we would highly recommend!
We can't thank Milo and his family enough for their pick up and hospitality
For Luna for sending my swimsuit and Lotta from Stockholm for the gorgeous clogs, both which arrived just in time for our holiday and I have been wearing and loving so much.
Dave for being the best travel partner who I just fall in love with over and over again
The Family Sentic who we were staying with on Mljet.
Buza the most incredible place to swim by the rocks and get cold drinks in Dubrovnik
The watermelons for quenching us
All the stairs in Dubrovnik for toning our legs
The gardens and architecture for inspiring our future home
Sun tan lotion for protecting our skins
The stars to be so clear at night and putting everything into perspective
The crickets for their amazing summer sounds all day long

And: YES! This was the last of our holiday posts. We are back with current posts from London now.

Sea, Sun & Saplunara

We are back, fully recharged, tanned and toned.
It made us realize ho much we are missing the sun and sea here in London,
and how much we can't wait to have a little own garden.
We had the most beautiful time, staying on the Island Mljet in Saplunaras beautifully located apartment rented from this local family, who were so welcoming and spoiled us with home made jam, bread rolls, and goats cheese.
Swimming all day long, and eating BBQ's outdoors.
Mhmmm these roasted paprikas with goats cheese and freshly picked rosemary...
The weather was constantly hot and the days felt so long. I can't believe how much we have seen and done in these few days.
All these photos were taken on our journey and at Saplunara. There are more to come of our road trip to the national park as well as of Dubrovnik, were we spent the last two beautiful days.
Right now I am almost a little sad it's over, our wonderful trip.
I am not very good with farewells and leaving from a fantastic holiday always hurts a tiny bit.
Homesick backwards. That's how I feel. Maybe I got the travel fever?

P.S: Our Australia Visa just got approved! We will be moving to Sydney in October.
So exciting!

Panini & Pancakes + Holiday Planning

 It's always a real treat, that one weekend we are  having off together each month.
Due to my job, I am working most weekends, I have learned to appreciate free weekends even more.
This one started already wonderful with our flatmates making a fabulous pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.
An authentic Italian lunch afterwards served by Piero at Angel Delicatessen outdoors, felt almost like being away.
And then we got really excited spending quite some hours planning our summer holiday for July.  (Can't wait!) Followed by candlelight dinner at home and watching a good movie in bed.
What a day! I will post more about our Sunday soon.
 This week I have also been invited by Lena from Musings to write a guest post for her beautiful blog here. As well as been interviewed by Elie for Punctuation Mark her inspiring blog about design and photography here.
Thank you so much Ladies, for these great features.

after fashion week ≥ comes design week

After being out to several Fashion Week events  in between make-up jobs ( I will follow up later!), we went to the Icon Magazine party as part of London Design Week last night. It was one of the first chilly nights here in London and I needed to bring my fluffy coat to keep cozy at the outdoorsy venue in Shoreditch.
I loved the whole lighting design at the event. They created a huge white wall with blank magazine covers so the that the guests could show their artistic skills and illustrate them with paint, markers and pencils: Dave went for it.
I was really excited about the Lego landmarks we found in our goody bags. I haven't had a play with Lego for about 20years. Hungry after all the playing around we went to our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant Viet Hoa on the way home.