Dalston Street Feast + Curve Garden Time

We have got a new market in Dalston! Every Friday night (!) hidden away in a car park there is a little food festival going on during the summer: The Street Feast Dalston.
I love our neighborhood so much, it's constantly developing.
The best thing is that this is happening literally next door to our house.
We went for Indian food. Dave couldn' get enough of the the Bhajis.
I had a very very good mango ice cream for desert.
I will sure be back to that ice cream stand and will try a different flavor every week.
Salted caramel is next! What a great way to start the weekend with such a treat.

Also just a few steps down the road opened the green oasis of the community garden Dalston Curve.
I go there as soon as I have a free minute and the sun is out. I always bring my diary and write all sorts of ideas and lists down. Somehow all the green inspires me instantly every time.
This time of year its extra lush over there, every little inch is flourishing and blooming.
I actually saw the biggest sunflowers in my life there!
The whole set up and decorations are made with so much love.
I can't thank the people that started that place enough.

As you might have noticed I am in the process to redesigning our blog.
There are still some little tweaks to do, so please excuse that it looks a little messy for the time being.
It's work in progress; )