Caravan Brunch & the Olympics

There is something about a Sunday in London, especially if its a sunny Sunday.
This one started with pouring rain, but we got lucky to catch one of the brand new London buses from hour doorstep to the breakfast place.
We absolutely loved the design and feel of them, though I know they are not every ones cup of tea.
After getting soaked on the way we couldn't wait for the food at the highly recommended and cozy coffee roastery and restaurant Caravan. Our flatmate Calvin and also Adrian and Alex were joining us, it's always so much fun to hang out with these guys.
We had to wait 45 min for a table, but the team at Caravan was kind enough to offer us a seat at the bar, so that we could start warming up with one of the best coffees we have ever had in London.
The food was well worth the wait! Good start of the day.
By the time we finished brunch the sun came out and we all went for a long walk over to Brick Lane, buying myself a new pair of recently lost sunglasses.
We spent the afternoon hanging out in Haggerston Park, where they are showing the Olympic events on a big screen. We weren't organized enough to actually get tickets a year in advance to see anything live but then, hey, we are not that much into sports anyway. But we had fun cheering with all the excited people and watching the opening ceremony the other night.
We finished the day with cheap and cheerful Pizza at the Stingray Globe Cafe.
I wish I had every Sunday off! Thanks everyone for joining in and making it such a fun day.

I just realized how much I love everything about blogging, taking photographs, editing them, I love the writing and text editing just as much as sharing everything with others & reading YOUR blogs!
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