Our day at the State Library & Faye's first Ferry ride

Sydney's beaches and nature are so beautiful that we often miss out on all the great culture and city life. We actually haven't been to a Museum, Theatre or concert in quite a while, but we are planning to make up for it this Winter.
Faye in the Stokke Carrier we packed a whole lot of stuff in the diaper backpack ( I swear all the things you need to bring with you for a small baby outweigh her bodyweight by far) and hopped on the ferry to the City. Faye slept snug and deep on the way and then even all the way through the exhibition. Don't be fooled, we got lucky, she doesn't always nap for this long.

The State Library of NSW showed the World Press Photo 17 exhibit. I was tearing up more than once. While most images were beautiful works of art their content was disturbing and painful mostly. It is good to be reminded and have these photographers help to raise awareness of all the global issues we are facing. An exhibition like this really puts things into perspective. While I do count my blessings regularly this reminded me just how privileged we really are.
This certainly wasn't very child-friendly but thankfully Faye was snuggled sleeping and didn't see any of the images. We also took some time enjoying the beautiful building and library itself, which helped with grounding ourselves, digesting what we had seen and also talking about it.

When Faye woke up she was very impressed with the all the high buildings. It was pretty cute to see her peak out of that carrier with her eyes wide open.
We took a stroll and grabbed some vegan lunches. Guys, each time I am going out I am seeing more vegetarian and vegan options even at random places. Makes me SO happy. Dave found a Schnitzel Sandwich and I had a Buddha Bowl type salad, which was one of the best I have had.
We just camped out on some stairs next to the Harbour Bridge and enjoyed the view.
Faye had lunch a little earlier on a bench, as she doesn't really get the concept of waiting and patience just yet ;)