Lunch Dates And The Week Of Lemons

OR ... It does take a village!
While I am typing this Faye is asleep on my lap, Dalston is dozing next to us and Dave is all the way in Germany on a business trip. We do miss him but we are doing okay.
When life gives you lemons... you just bath your baby and smile through it.
We are actually super proud of Dave as he is going to collect a design award for a product range he has been working on, so that's pretty cool! 
I got organised with getting myself fresh juice delivered as well as yummy vegan (frozen) meals to warm up for dinner. Dave left us fresh flowers around the house and gave everything a last good clean and tidy before he left. Dalston got a few new toys and special chews, so he can keep himself entertained but mostly I am humbled by all the wonderful friends who are all so supportive!
Before I knew it I am having friends visit pretty every other day, helping with tiny tasks, asking me what they could do, but mainly keeping me excellent and fun company. Not to mention that they still brought homemade vegan foods and treats with them.
(You know who you are: THANK YOU!!!!)
As a Mum, I did learn to accept help and that it does take a village.
Even though I could possibly do it all somehow myself, I won't feel as happy and I would probably stress myself out, doing most things pretty half-baked and as a result won't be the best Mum I could be. So I am accepting help, for Faye. And so it happened that our days were quite wonderful also Dalston got enough attention and playtime. I might have ordered him a box of new toys and extra tasty chews as well.
The pics above are from last week when we took Faye out for a raw vegan lunch, well, she had milk as usual, but we had a raw vegan lunch. She also had a fabulous time, kept giggling and smiling and befriending the staff. The other snaps are from right now. Ten weeks this little munchkin is already. Can you believe it?
I love being her Mama!

If you are interested:
I got meals delivered from Galaxy Vegan, they were pretty good, great comfort food for Winter!
All of Faye's vegan & organic bath products are by Edible Bubba.
The towel is by Little Unicorn (sadly not organic) but see cute organic animal towels here,
we are having the fox)