Organic Cotton & Vegan Baby Essentials

Faye is just shy of 3 months right now and Dalston is really starting to be her best buddy. He is sharing his toys with her and is watching over her all the time! He is such a good boy! But back to business:

We have been trying to shop very consciously for little Faye (and for us) besides borrowing things from friends, using hand me downs or buying big ticket items second hand, I wanted everything we bought new to be as sustainable as possible.

I found one too many cute natural baby brands online...
(Instagram is dangerous at times! Isn't it?) Many of you have asked about what we bought for Faye. When I was pregnant I have loved and relied on recommendations of others a lot myself so:
I put together a little overview featuring our favourite things we got for our baby girl and everything we found useful and have been loving so far. Of course, we aren't experts and still learning ourselves. All of the below have some sort of green factor!

Skin & Bath products
Our favourite bath products and bum balm, called Coco Baby Bottom Creme,  are all by Edible Bubba.
Such a great line, seriously! We have not had any problems with nappy rash and Faye's skin has been supple and healthy. The products are all vegan and just full of good ingredients.
It's also a local business, which I am happy to support. I did already a bath time items posts here in case you missed it.
I will put together a separate post on our cloth nappy setup with tips and products.

Baby Clothes
Besides using hand-me-downs and gifted clothes we have been buying organic cotton (or bamboo) clothes for Faye. Trying to buy from sustainable small businesses as much as possible.
Although babies only wear clothes for such a short time, the quality items are those that can be resold, passed on or donated, where the cheap stuff really only survives a handful of washes and will land in the trash. Read more about why organic cotton matters.
If you follow me on Insta you might have noticed that we own quite a few items from the Organic Mums And Bubs Store. Another small business I loved to support! I love the "Little Beans" Line that they are stocking. They also have their own organic Bubbazimbi line, which are super cute & minimal basics often with animal embroidery. (Did you spot the peach & pink Giraffe? It's a Special Edition Bubbazimbi range. These illustrations were created by the successful children's illustrator Kelly Anne Abbott and have been handpainted by My Lily Ann.)
Our favourite newborn onesies are from Boody. So easy to get on with a diagonal zipper, super soft material and very stretchy, Faye lived in these during the early weeks. As vegans, we don't use wool (all animal products are bad for the environment and animals) but have found so many beautiful alternatives even for beanies and Winter clothes.
Other shops we have liked are Nature Baby & Pure Baby and Frankie Jones The Label.

Bedding & Beds
Faye's Bubnest bed is also from a local Australian business, handmade and also used all organic textiles. Faye's solid timber bed was a great find on gumtree. It was in excellent as new condition for a fraction of the price and I am so happy to be able to repurpose things.
Our Bednest bassinet was lent to us by friends. So far we haven't used it much as Faye does sleep in bed with us at the moment (yes, this can be done safely! I am a big believer in doing whatever works for your family and we are all happy with sleeping in our family bed together) , but it makes a handy barrier on my side of the bed, so she won't be able to fall out that way. And she has napped in there a handful of times as a newborn.

We have bought our beautiful Joolz Day Pram second hand in amazing condition.
So far we haven't really used it as we seem to always carry Faye.
She likes it and it also keeps her warm. It definitely comes in handy to lug all sorts of stuff around.
I told you all about our carriers here. We are using Solly Baby Wrap, Soothe Shirt, Baba Sling and Stokke My Carrier. But there are so many great brands out there. If possible try before you buy, buy used or borrow from a friend.
Since I shared our little carrier post, we started to use the Stokke carrier, which has been great! So comfortable on the shoulders on long walks. Lightweight too.
Stokke carriers are made from organic and or toxin-free materials, which was a selling point for me. I also really like the look of it. As I am constantly carrying Faye it was worth it to get a few different carriers. She is like a little Koala always holding on and following me around in her sling all day.

Miscellaneous & Toys
We did buy a new Stokke highchair, it matches our dining table and chairs (which are vintage), but it also grows with the kids, so we will be able to keep using it. It's such a clever design and great quality, so we were happy to spend a little extra rather than buying a cheap plastic chair that can only be used for a few months.
We got a little knitted rattle, a beautiful wooden&silicone teether, knit blanket and bits and pieces from Organic Mums And Bubs. I believe less is more when it comes to toys, especially for tiny babies. The wooden play gym I bought 2nd hand (it's originally by IKEA) and painted it in nicer colours. It was my fun DIY project during my last days of pregnancy. Now if only I could knit....but thankfully my Mum does and makes some awesome cardigans for Faye.

I hope this was somewhat helpful! :)