Happy Four Months, Faye!

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Here is to 4 happy months, Faye!
Where to start?
Your eyes are blue & brown just to keep us guessing. Your toothless little smile is lighting up every room.
My favourite is your cheeky smile, that one where you curl up your tongue and scrunch up your nose. You squeak & squeal when you are excited and laugh out loud at my most basic jokes.
You like to greet people with a smile. Except the French barista at our local coffee shop. You keep him waiting and just stare at him for now. But when you do smile it's always genuine. Your cheeks are so kissable and people can't help but comment on them wherever we go. The excited look you give me every morning when you first wake up makes my heart jump. Your curiosity inspires me!
When you are fascinated by something you are so focussed you don't even blink.
You reached out for my glass of water this week and tried to bring it to your lips. Reaching and grabbing everything you have turned into quite the little explorer.
You are growing up so rapidly right now. You are rolling over from your back to your side and from tummy to back. You are strong. Yet you are always gentle.
There is a wisdom in your eyes beyond your months, giving us a glimpse into the old soul you are.
We love you beyond words.

On being a Mum...


Here I am: Tempeh Salad & Baby in lap.

I have just officially been called a crunchy Mama.
Well, I try to take it as a compliment and I guess there is some truth to it.

Do I like to do things a little more, uhm, natural?
I am vegan, I use cloth nappies, I make my own granola sometimes.... I buy only organic food and buy eco/sustainable clothes and toys for my little one.
She is enrolled in a Steiner Daycare and I am currently reading "Positive Parenting" and "The Conscious Parent" is waiting to be read next.
Of course, I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and meditate regularly.
I babywear and co-sleep.
I breastfeed and I had a natural unmedicated birth.
So I guess, I am a "crunchy" Mama. If you want to call it that.

It' just that I have never thought of labelling my way of living.
It's just me. It's what comes and feels natural.

I can only say that I parent the way it feels right to me, like any Mum, I am trying to give my best.
I know we are all human and we can't be perfect parents, partners, wives and whatnot.
But I will always do my best. Until I know better. And then I do better.

I feel being a Mum is a fantastic opportunity for growth. I do want to be the best person that I can be, for my little one. Without perfectionism or being critical or hard on myself.
But rather living up to my own values and truly doing what I can and what I believe in.

I am trying to be even more conscious of the way I am holding myself, my thoughts, my words and my actions.
Faye is only a baby now, but she is already a little sponge and watches me closely.
I can also tell how it does rub off on her if I am in a funky mood. Babies are sensitive little beings.

Above all:
I do believe in kindness and love! I don't think there can be too much love and kindness in any relationship, be it between life partners, family members or between parents and children. Being a Mum has really alerted me to the fact that many parents seem to be afraid to "spoil" their babies or kids with too much love, cuddles and affection. Really?
(Besides the fact that, the worlds leading psychologists and paediatricians have enough proof that this way of thinking is not only outdated but harmful...)
Just use your heart and common sense: Do you really feel that is what we have to worry about in this world is showing too much love, kindness and respect?

I think we are all on the same page and doing the best we can today!
Crunchy or not.