Happy 10 Months. A Little Video of our Month!

Faye 10months old vegan baby

Happy 10 months!

And just like that, it's the first day of Autumn...
(Autumn in Sydney is my fave though, as it's still warm enough to swim but cool enough to sleep)
Ten months has been a big milestone here in our home! This little one is not a baby anymore.
I am trying to just inhale all those last precious little baby moments but I can see her growing in front of my eyes becoming more and more independent and adventurous by the week.
So much has changed in our daily rhythm and everything that we just had worked out seemed to be no longer valid. We were babyproofing the house like nothing else, I spend my days preparing food and cleaning food off the floor, washing endless laundry...
And you know what? I am loving all of it.
It's all-consuming and intense but I am enjoying it all so much.
My whole view on life has certainly changed. Children are wonderful teachers and mirrors.
I couldn't be more grateful to have been given this opportunity.
Becoming Faye's Mama opened my heart and expanded my mind in ways I could have never imagined.

Oh Faye! You make us laugh. You are so expressive, passionate and joyous. And very strong.
When you scrunch up your nose for your sniffling giggles or singing an operetta yourself in the mirror, we can't wait to support you in your many creative ways.

I made a fun little "a second a day" video clip to capture the last month.
I can't wait to have a dedicated day soon to go through all our photos and videos and make a nice little memory keeping album and video from the first year.