First Steps, Fun & Food

I soak them up, these last beach days while I can. The same goes for baby cuddles.
Faye took her first steps and is really not slowing down with this growing up business.
She was so excited and happy with herself and keeps trying. 1,2,3,4 little wobbly steps before she lands on her bum or launches into my arms.

While I worked on some beautiful weddings over the weekend, we also squeezed in a much needed beach swim and family time. By eating breakfast out and swimming early, we saved the time it takes us to prepare and CLEAN afterwards. Food is a messy subject these days.
Thanks to baby led weaning and letting Faye explore and eat by herself, it's no easy feat to clean up...and the thing is: It happens three times a day!
The benefits of getting her to eat in this way sure outweigh the convenience of puree/spoon feeding for us, so it's all good!

I am working on some posts and sharing my latest parenting adventures, things we have learned and done. So much has happened and changed in our daily rhythm, so I am trying my best to write down some hopefully useful things that we have learned and that have worked for us.

Remember we are new at this parenting gig, but I am a rather passionate researcher and quick learner :)