A Vegan Day Out

The weekend was a little, uhm, more hectic than I had anticipated.
With Faye walking and being too busy for long naps....but somehow we still had a lot of fun.

As Dave put it:
He just knows that our life is good, when he comes home to us each night and we curl up on the couch and giving each other massages. Yes, that's been happening, we are taking turns each night, giving foot rubs, back- shoulder or head massages. Every night. We have been needing those and are always sleeping extra well afterwards.

We also had lunch at the Vegan Day Out and took advantage of some special offers at the Cruelty Free Shop (hello, vegan cheeses and delicious snacks!)

We tried out Gathered Kitchen! It was rather packed and with Faye in tow, who just wanted to toddle around it was a brave undertaking for sure.
By the time our food arrived Dave just wanted to eat and I had the hardest time, trying to take some nice pictures. Because, really, it was so fun and so delicious.
We had no highchair for Faye either, so we took turns in holding & feeding her, while the other one ate and somehow photos weren't on the priority list any longer.
So you just have to believe me. The food was great! And we had fun.
Service was a little slow, but they were very busy. They also put a plastic straw in my smoothie and all the mylks where out of the packet, not homemade. But: The food was excellent!
I will be back and try some of their yummy looking pastries next time.
Where else do you get vegan Croissants, Cinnamon Scrolls and Pain Au Chocolates for breakfast? I am plant-based and 80% raw-vegan, but I can make an exception ever so often.
This time I went for a nourishing bowl and stuck to all healthy...but there is always next time.