Daddy & Daughter Time + Fostering Independence

It melts my heart to see how close Faye & Dave are! The most amazing and positive side effect of me working on weekends is that they get a little one on one time.
They always seem to have the best time and are going on quite some adventures together.
It's right up Faye's alley now that she is mobile and keen to explore the world.
They came back proud as punch, showing me the photos they have taken and what they have been up to. At the same time, my heart aches a little that I didn't get to spend the time with them.
Especially last weekend, I had too much on my plate and felt that I didn't get to hang out enough. Work, Work, Work.

Some parents might feel that they need breaks from their little ones, I am not one of them it seems.
Faye is growing up in lightspeed and I am really just trying to keep up.
We had to adjust a lot of our baby routines, as she made it clear, she is no longer a baby!
She doesn't want to lie down for nappy changes, she is hungry for solid food 3 times a day (in addition to breastfeeding) and she wants to a lot by herself.

I am doing my best to keep up and adjust quickly, giving her the opportunity to take all these first very tiny steps towards independence. I am in awe. How did we get here so quickly?
I had this newborn/baby thing all figured out...

While we are overall big fans of the Waldorf philosophy and keeping a minimal, slow & rhythmic approach to our family life, we were seeking some more practical answers and additional knowledge. This led me to join a local baby Montessori group, which has been wonderful. 
It also tipped my world upside down, as I saw, heard and learnt so many new things that I want to incorporate into our home life. We are by no means in a rush, I would love for her to stay my baby forever, but I have to accept and grow with Fayes needs.
I will so a post about them and how we are adjusting from baby to little toddler life, there is a lot to share.
One thing is for sure: This has been all consuming and with work picking up there is more to do than we have hours in a day. Yet: Time is now and we can't postpone anything on the parenting side. 

Then there were all these wonderful little surprises popping up for me as if they came up to reward and remind me of self-care and self-worth.
I won a Sapphire ring by a beautiful Sydney designer. (Say what?)
I got invited to and spoilt at a lush ladies lunch for a magazine launch. Thanks again Hello May for having me at your Real Wedding Special launch and for all the beautiful gifts & goodie bag.
I also got to celebrate a dear friends hen's with a delicious & sunny picnic in the park!
Yes, this all happened in one week.