Three Months Of Faye

Faye turned three months on Sunday!
Three months! It feels like she has been here forever and we can't imagine life without her.
So much has changed in so little time yet everything is still the same.

This girl has grown so much, packing on 250g each and every week has resulted in some big cheeks. I just took a moment to put together a little video of all the little snippets we filmed on our phones. I was wowed how much she has changed and mostly how tiny and squishy looking she was only weeks ago. It's my first attempt and I will work on my video skills a bit.
If you aren't into baby spam... well, you have been warned. I just wanted to make sure we are having these little snippets to look back on.

We are still spending most our days cuddling at home, but these days there is much more play time. We are also having the best conversations and laughs together.
Faye loves to chat these days and makes all kinds of sounds. She also has quite a strong voice and is loud. Which is pretty funny.
She wakes up with a big smile every morning and loves to get up early.
We also took her out for dinner the other night, which was so fun! We didn't make it all the way to dessert but it still was a great night, seeing friends and eating yummy vegan Mexican inspired food. Faye slept for a bit, smiled at people and was the life of the dinner party but was then letting us all know that she was over it. Fair enough really, it was way past her bedtime, it was loud and she didn't really have anywhere to stretch herself out properly.
We totally didn't get to take pictures, it was dark and my hands were full holding Faye, while David fed me. It was a strange but fun experience.

The last three months have been so special. Being Fayes Mum a is the best job ever.
I will really try my best not to get too busy too soon, as the months are just flying by
and while I am cheering her on, supporting her growth and little milestones part of me feels that it is all going too fast. I am trying to take it all in and to be present. I am just surrendering to motherhood, taking each day as it comes. While some days can get a little chaotic, they are all cherished.

Happy three month birthday, little one! We love you so much.

PS: The outfits are by Frankie Jones The Label.