Busses, Trains, Markets & Views

I am really loving this Sydney "Winter" weather, it's so mild and lovely. Just perfect for walks and to catch some Vitamin D during the sunny hours. Carrying Faye around keeps me extra warm too, it's like having a warm water bottle strapped to my belly.
My shoulders and posture are suffering a little but I am trying to stretch out whenever possible.

We also got a new morning routine over here. Faye always wakes up very enthusiastically and happy at about 5 am. She is all smiles and kicks and wiggles in excitement for the new day.
After we change her we pop her onto her play blanket with her toys and roll out our Yoga mats!
YES! We started a daily Kundalini Yoga routine in the morning. It feels so good. It really energizes me for the day ahead. Faye shakes her rattle, kicks her legs and squeals in excitement. She really loves it when we are jumping and moving in front of her. A few minutes of meditation make all the difference and I am so happy to be practising again.
Then I feed her and Dave makes breakfast. While he has a shower afterwards I rock the little one to sleep. She loves the sound of the water, it's her favourite.

On the weekend we took the bus and train into the City and checked out the Etsy Market. There were a few cute stalls but not really anything we needed. I was secretly hoping to find a cute bathing suit for Faye, but I guess it's the wrong season. Sadly they also had NO vegan food options, so we had to find a juice and salad bar elsewhere.
It was Faye's first time on the bus and train and she seemed to be pretty impressed with the bus. 

We got fooled by the weather forecast for Sunday which predicted 26 degrees and sunshine. Well, it was a warm but cloudy day and instead of our beach picnic we just sat on a bench enjoying the water views.

Living by the beach has always been my dream and I constantly have to pinch myself.

I hope Faye will love the beach just as much. I am looking at swimming lessons for her right now.

Now: Where to get a cute baby swimsuit?!