First Coffee, Long Walks and Vegan Feta

Last weekend we had some repairs that had to be done in our apartment and as a result, we were homeless for the day. It was a very crisp day, but the sun was out and we decided to just spend the whole day outside and at local cafes.

In the morning we went straight to the closest cafe and warmed ourselves with cappuccino and warm quinoa porridge! Yes, I did have a coffee, I felt it was the right occasion to try one. I haven't had any coffee since I fell pregnant. It was one of my aversions and I haven't tried since. I also feel that too much caffeine is no good when breastfeeding but the occasional coffee would be fine.
It was good, sooooo good! And I am also excited that our local cafe has added quite a few vegan breakfast options to the menu. Shout out to the new owners at Sugar + Spoon in Rose Bay! It's not an organic or health food place at all, so it's great they added so many wholesome vegan options. (mainly smoothie bowls and sweet breakfast options)

Feeling a little warmer we started walking around pretty aimlessly, as we hadn't made any plans.
We decided to head over to Bondi but a different much longer way, as we had quite some time to kill. Between pushing Faye's stroller and carrying her in the sling almost all day we got pretty sore feet and shoulders. Thankfully by midday, the sun was shining in full Australian power and we stumbled across the cutest little bakery which even had a salad with vegan feta on the menu! It's called Shuk Bakery and is the offspring from the big Shuk Cafe just metres away. It was just what we needed. There was plenty of space to sit down, surrounded by flowers in the sun. The food was delicious! We will be back soon, I think. 

Vegan Feta, you guys.... It's my latest discovery! There is this amazing little company making vegan Macadamia Feta and it's something else. I bought it for Dave, who is a cheese fan. I never cared much for cheese, even in my long gone Vegetarian days but Dave has a real hard time giving it up. So I am always buying different vegan cheeses for him trying to find the most delicious ones. And this one must be it! Ever since I discovered it, it's out of stock everywhere though. Maybe I should have kept it a secret?

Also: Little Faye tagged along so well and seemed to enjoy all the fresh air. It's so fun being her Mama. Now at almost three months, she is laughing, smiling and interacting so much. Hanging out with her is so special.
Dalston is doing great in his new big brother role, always staying by her side and trying to cover her in kisses. It melts my heart seeing them together.

A random little post from our random little day, mainly just grateful for our beautiful neighbourhood, sunny Winter days and more vegan food popping up everywhere!