Happy Four Months, Faye!

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Here is to 4 happy months, Faye!
Where to start?
Your eyes are blue & brown just to keep us guessing. Your toothless little smile is lighting up every room.
My favourite is your cheeky smile, that one where you curl up your tongue and scrunch up your nose. You squeak & squeal when you are excited and laugh out loud at my most basic jokes.
You like to greet people with a smile. Except the French barista at our local coffee shop. You keep him waiting and just stare at him for now. But when you do smile it's always genuine. Your cheeks are so kissable and people can't help but comment on them wherever we go. The excited look you give me every morning when you first wake up makes my heart jump. Your curiosity inspires me!
When you are fascinated by something you are so focussed you don't even blink.
You reached out for my glass of water this week and tried to bring it to your lips. Reaching and grabbing everything you have turned into quite the little explorer.
You are growing up so rapidly right now. You are rolling over from your back to your side and from tummy to back. You are strong. Yet you are always gentle.
There is a wisdom in your eyes beyond your months, giving us a glimpse into the old soul you are.
We love you beyond words.

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