Plant Shopping & Plant Eating: Our Green Weekend

It's Saturday afternoon. Iam sitting in a cosy corner at Earth To Table. Happy and with a full belly after a very delicious meal. Friendly people are everywhere, chatting away and I am pondering on what to order for dessert. A salted caramel latte sounds perfect.
This drink is caffeine free and very healthy, not what you expect with the name. It tastes so rich and creamy and sweet and salty and it's actually good for you.
Faye is sleeping in my lap, while Dave went running some little errands nearby. Time to take it all in and write about our day.

If you look for the best place in Sydney to go for lunch it's this place! All meals are super delicious, vegan, raw and organic. And the drinks...don't even get me started!

I could sit here all day eating and drinking. In theory. The reality is that my belly is very full and everything is so satisfying that it's actually a hard task to taste everything on the menu.

Faye woke us up cheerfully at 5 am this morning. This meant we got to do a yoga session while she was rattling toys on her playmat. I do love these mornings. Her little smile, when she wakes up, is everything. The little one has just done some impressive growth spurt and from one day to another has this very wise facial expression and is oh so serious. Between her big cheeky smiles. She can't get enough of looking at everything especially things that involve water, like making tea. She thinks that looking at us eating food is also the most exciting thing. Water & Trees are her def favourite though. She smiles at everyone for a brief moment and then puts on her stern concentrated face, to check them out. When she concentrates she has this stare and doesn't even blink.  I know I am repeating myself but little Dalston is such a good big brother, he smothers Faye with kisses and is so patient with us. I am so so proud of him.

I am feeling somewhat anxious at the rate that time is flying and that all the precious moments are over so soon. It feels like when you are on holidays, having the best time and don't want it to end. Do you know that feeling? That's what motherhood feels like for me, just stronger.
I know there will always be new wonderful times to looking forward to and to enjoy, yet I am already missing some of the newborn moments and it makes my heart ache that they are gone for good. It makes sense that people want to have babies over and over because these times just fly by, oh, way too quickly. I am grateful for photos and videos and mostly for spending and enjoying these moments in real life together. 

I feel every family should be able to just take a whole year off to be able to spend it together without work obligations or similar adult activities getting in the way. One year of just staring, cooing and playing with your precious baby. Or actually, make that three years. Maybe travel the world with the little one, but whatever you do just spend all that time together as a family. Nothing could have me prepared for the love and all the feels of being a Mum. Seriously. It's the best job in the whole wide world! The above are fantasies. Dave is working full time and I am back to part time work real soon...

Dave is super keen to make our place a little greener. We went to Terrace to shop pots & plants and finally got a picture frame for the artwork that we bought Faye on our Babymoon in Byron last year. What a Successful day!
Now wish us luck we won't kill all these precious plants.

Still sitting here at Earth To Table waiting for Dave...
I might just order some dessert to take away for dinner tonight as well because I just can't resist. And it would be a nice surprise!

What I am wearing:
Jumpsuit Vintage (bought 6 years ago in London)
Vegan Ballerina Shoes by Wills London
"Vegan Vibes" Tote by In The Soulshine