Vegan Vibes - A Vegan Picnic Meetup

Okay, let's get the facts straight. It was the coldest, windiest, the almost iciest day that we have seen in Sydney this Winter, yet we had planned to join into a vegan picnic organised by the Sydney Vegan Club. They always put on such fun events and most of the time I am missing out due to work commitments, so I was determined to attend this one, which was finally held on a day that we were all free. We got our Vegan Vibes T-Shirts out and made a delicious Brown Rice Salad. Not what we envisioned. I wanted to stroll through the botanic gardens showing Faye the plants, walking and soaking up the sun...Well, we will do that another time, I guess.

The location was beautiful and the people lovely. It was a rather small gathering and I guess many people were smart enough to realise that it was the most terrible weather for a picnic. Little Faye was the only baby/child there too, so no connecting to other vegan bubs.... But hey, we made it.
Faye was quite a champ, very alert, wanting to sit up in my lap (with support) and look at all the yummy food and people.
We had some lunch some good chats and then had to flee back into the car, it was just tooo cold. Well, we could have all been wearing coats and hats and scarves but we just weren't prepared for this ice-wave out of the blue.
At home, we turned on the heater made a spicy, creamy pumpkin soup and just snuggled up, giving each other back rubs.

It was a nice day.