Meeting The Fam

On Sunday we went to our little Nephew's birthday party! It was quite a drive but Faye did pretty well. I sat in the back with her entertaining, distracting and playing with her and there wasn't too much crying. The little one has not been a fan of car rides so far, she isn't convinced about the seat. I am hopeful though that it is getting better slowly and in baby steps. I had to document her big smiles in the car, definitely a first!
Of course, Faye has met most of the extended family already but not all! So there had to be photos taken with her Great Grandmother and also Uncle Adrian, whom she only met when she was a few days old. Dave has this huuuuge family with is still always so new to me!
My family is tiny, I am an only child. Dave is one of five kids and his Mum one of 12.
There are countless cousins and aunties and uncles everywhere. A get together is always a big, loud event. Faye might stay an only child too (if you don't count doggie brother Dalston) but it's great to know that she has such a big extended family.

The party was good fun, there was a lot of vegan food for us, which was so thoughtful and yummy! I missed out on taking pics of most of the deliciousness and the abundant fruit platters. The only photo of me is one through a window, where Dave caught me hiding in the house changing a nappy. But hey, David doesn't even have a photo at all!?
We are overdue some family selfies or have to ask some strangers to take our photo me thinks.
There was also a magician for the kids and a jumping castle, but Faye was just happy looking at all the people! Over here I have been busy prepping for going back to work soon. I am not really feeling it. Faye and Dave are going to come with me on my jobs so that I can breastfeed her and I hope it will all work out. Good thing I love my job, but I could happily just take care of Faye for at least a year. Time is going way too fast.
On the upside, I am looking forward to all the little trips and adventures that we have planned as a little family together very soon.