Out And About & Wearing Baby Around the Block

We left the house! The beautiful sunshine was calling us. It's really such been fabulous weather this Autumn in Sydney.
After a few days at we spent just snuggled at home, resting, healing and adjusting, we left the house. All four of us! It felt so good to feel the warm sun and get some fresh air.
I was definitely still a little wobbly on my feet and sore, taking "baby steps".
We made it just to the corner of our street and sat down soaking in the rays.

Since then we have walked a lot more and we have been trying out a few different baby carriers. We even took some goofy selfies.
Now that Dave has gone back to work I managed to have a few walks with Faye on my own and it always is the highlight of my day. It feels like such a big achievement each time. Getting to move my legs after hours of breastfeeding is the best. Cabin fever got me quicker than I thought!

Dalston goes to the office with Dave for now, which is great. He doesn't get stuck in the house with me then and gets some extra attention and pets from everyone.
I do miss having him around, but until I settle in a little more it's definitely the best for everyone.

I haven't been able to get out every day. I am still trying to work it all out.
If you have any tips on how to get out of the house with a newborn, I am all ears, pls comment below you experienced super mamas!

My mum used to always carry me everywhere, she had a simple big scarf type fabric that she would just tie around her. Not sure how safe it was, but today's standards, but it worked.
She was a single working Mum for the most time. It made her life so much easier being able to just bring me along anywhere in the carrier and having her hands free. That's how I always knew I am going to wear my baby one day too. There are so many great benefits to baby wearing as well, just look it up, it's quite amazing.
Turns out there is a bit of a learning curve with the different carriers and we are still figuring out what works best for Faye and us right now.

The Soothe Shirt by Lalabu has been such a great tool for us in these early days. It's so easy to just "pop" her into it once she is napping or to wear her around the house while I am fixing myself some lunch. Or for short walks around the block. They do "Dad Shirts" as well but we don't own one, so this option is for me only :) I am sure Dave would have looked great in one.
It's really great for newborns, but sadly it can't be used once a baby grows a little older and heavier. It's super snug and comfortable and Faye seems to like it. It also looks quite minimal and reminds me of Active Wear. Which is great, it means can wear it even when the baby is not in the pouch. It works really well for breastfeeding and no separate bra is needed!
I really love the idea and it does work. I was a little sceptical about how strong the fabric is at first, but it really holds Faye in nice and snug. It's different to other baby wearing options as it's not meant to be used entirely hands-free, one hand should remain on the baby at all times. It keeps babies legs in the recommended "frog position" which is best for newborns. This one we received to review and would definitely recommend to others. This is the only babywearing option that worked instantly, without having to watch countless instruction videos and practising. I think that's a huge pro for first-time Mums in the early days. It sometimes feels overwhelming how many new tasks you will have to master, so this was a real relief, it just worked!

The Solly Baby Wrap which our dear friend Gaby lend to us has also been fantastic. It's so soft and lightweight and Dave can wear it as well. It takes a little while to put on, but we are getting faster and faster at it. It also took us a few attempts to get the positioning right.
It's the perfect newborn carrier. I am so glad we got this one given, as I had only bought one structured carrier, thinking that would be all we will need (I was wrong!)
Both the Soothe Shirt and Solly both only work for Faye if she is asleep.
Seems like she isn't keen on inward facing and being tightly wrapped otherwise. But she sleeps very well and long in them otherwise. One thing really surprised me: How hot does baby wearing feel? I am so glad it's Autumn... even in these mild temperatures and with the lightweight wrap baby wearing gets hot very quickly. How do Mamas manage in Summer?

We also own the Stokke My Carrier. This was the only one I bought.
I loved that they do Organic Carriers but then opted for the Summer version, which is made from a toxin-free mesh fabric, which is supposed to stay nice and cool. Dave is looking forward to using this, as it's easy and quick to put on and probably looks a little better on a guy too! It's also one of the nicest designs out there, which makes Dave happy.
Little Faye hasn't quite reached the recommended size/weight for this one yet. But with her appetite, it's only a matter of days/weeks now!

And last but not least I am using the Baba Sling around the house when Faye is awake or for feeding. It works a charm as she can nap in there and it keeps my hands free. She can sit/lie in lots of different positions and it's super quick to put on. I am sure there are other brands that work just as well, it was random that I tried this one. It's an Australian business and the quality seems to be top-notch, but I am happy to update after months and months of use how it's holding up. You can use it for five (!) different positions and I have found it very easy and intuitive to use.
I just got a 2nd hand one of eBay, as I wasn't sure if it will work and I didn't want to spend too much on another carrier. But it seems like the perfect quick solution for around the house or taking her out when she is not asleep.

Phew, there you have it: My not-so-minimal (and not-so-experiencend!) guide to babywearing :)

I would recommend trying and borrowing different carriers, to see which ones your baby likes before buying too many!