Fayes First Bath And Our Eco Bath Essentials

Our world is filled with firsts right now. It is pretty magical watching this little person and spending so much time with her. I know these early weeks will fly by so I am trying to savour every moment despite feeling a little tired and sore. Being Faye's mother has been amazing already. I am so in love!

We gave Faye her first bath after a few days at home. The midwives recommended not bathing her for a little while and just leaving all that natural covering of vernix on her skin.
Also, how good do babies smell???
When we finally decided to give her a gentle wash we just added a spoonful of coconut oil to the bath water, no soap or other additives.
It was so good to see how much she enjoyed being in the warm water, kicking her little legs around and looking very relaxed.
According to my Mum, I hated baths as a baby and I was really hoping that Faye won't be the same and would have a better attitude towards water.

By now she has had a few baths and always really liked them!
A few thoughts on our (eco-) bathing equipment:

Of course, you don't need a bathtub for a baby, many people prefer just having a bath or shower together with their baby or just bathing her in the big bathtub.
I do find it much easier, more fun and more comfortable to use a baby bath and to prop it up on a table or kitchen bench, so it has a better height.
We decided to get the Stokke Flexi Bath, as it folds up flat for storage, which is pretty neat when you live in a small apartment. It's also made from non-toxic materials. It's also very big and can be used much longer compared to most babies baths that are outgrown within months.
Luckily our friends had one that we are able to use, so we just bought the infant insert.
It's very useful, I would find it hard to use the big tub without it for a newborn.
I also like that it's all a good quality, so it can be passed on to others again once we won't need it anymore.

Bath Towels:
Of course, you can use any towel you already own for your baby if you want to keep things very minimal. Hooded baby towels are pretty cute though, right? We also didn't have enough towels anyway. So I got a few organic cotton bath towels for Faye. Again, they can be used for a long time if they are good quality, way past the baby months. We got her this fox towel with matching washcloth. It's super soft and cosy. She actually really liked the washcloth, with its big dark eyes, she was able to recognise it as a face and kept staring at it. (Dalston, on the other hand, started barking at it, as he also seemed to think it had a face as well and being a good big brother he wanted to protect her) .We also have some plain white towels and wash cloths. I am quite particular about textiles being organic for babies, especially if I am buying new things, it's just so much better for the environment and for babies skin.

Baby Beauty Products:
Babies are naturally beautiful and really don't need any products!!!

I have found it super useful to have natural, organic hand sanitizers around the house and on the change table. I have found two that I really like. This Squeakie one which is great to bring along in a bag, the bottle is very sturdy and travel-friendly and even has a little handle so you can tie it to things. This Divine Baby Hand Sanitiser (which smells amazing!!!) is my favourite to keep around the house. Both wont dry out my sensitive hands and feel hydrating.


Coconut Oil: Obviously! If you know me I use this for about anything. As mentioned above we used it in the bathtub to keep Fayes skin supple and hydrated.

And then there is the wonderful range Edible Bubba, by my own fav skincare brand, Edible Beauty. I had to get the whole range...just because....you know....I am curious and love natural beauty products.
All products are toxin-free, vegan (yay!) and safe to use on newborns, yet I personally like to keep products to a bare minimum in these super early days.
That Coco Baby Bottom Creme is the bomb!
We are going to transfer to cloth nappies anytime now, as soon as she is big enough to fit them. Until now we made due with some Toxin Free Eco Nappies, which are disposable. We used the Bottom to prevent and heal rashes in record time. Super hydrating and gentle, soothing and it doesn't have a strong smell. I have used a dab on her face too when it was a little dry.
I also love the Vanilla Dream Baby Oil, which I have been using on myself during pregnancy. It's also perfect for bathtime.
The Orange Blossom Baby Hair & Body Wash is really great to use on babies hair and I will use it more frequently when Faye gets older, it's very gentle and a few drops go a long way. The Cucumber Soothe Me Baby Balm is a real essential to have on hand for any rashes or skin troubles. It's a lightweight gel, very concentrated and it just fixes pretty much anything. It's the equivalent to the adult Soothe Me Balm, which has saved my skin many times from breakouts or rashes.
The Berry Milky Body Lotion...well I have to confess...I actually used almost all of it all up myself. Oops. I was out of lotion and just loved the texture and the smell is pretty fun too. It really smells of berries.
Which would probably conceal that beautiful baby smell? I might get her a bottle when she is a little older, for now, I just love that baby smell too much and keep using this berry lotion on Mama :)

Again, these are just things that worked for us. I am a first time Mum and by no means an expert! Always happy to hear recommendations and tips from you as well. Especially if they are eco-friendly, vegan or otherwise outstanding.
I am learning so much more every day!