Home sweet home. Our first week of cuddles and chaos

It is so good to be home! We have been living life in the newborn bliss bubble over here. Taking things easy, staying cozy and getting to know little Faye better each day. Dave has been so helpful, making us fresh yummy vegan meals all the time, keeping the house tidy and massaging my shoulders (which got super sore from the endless breastfeeding!)
Also, special thanks to the amazing friends who delivered us homecooked meals & cakes and to Daves work for sending us the most beautiful fresh flowers.
We might be a little tired but so very happy!
I am feeding as I am typing this...so keeping it rather short.
The plan was to share a little more about our nursery and baby items but it seems I will put up a separate post focussing on that.
I will then link all our favourites, in case you are interested. We tried our best to keep stuff to a minimum, to borow from friends, to buy secondhand items and to only buy sustainable, toxin-free items of good quality when buying new things.
The little sunroom next to our bedroom transformed into a mini nursery. It's not quite Pinterest perfect, but it works for us. Its all about keeping it organised when you have limited space, so we have loved our diaper caddy via Organic Mums & Bubs. I will share more favourites and specifics real soon!
Dave also took the opportunity to take photos of our whole apartment, which we have never shared. But since we are spending all our time here for now, it's perfect timing.

We feel so lucky to be your parents, Faye! We are beginners yet giving our best.