Welcome To This World!

She is here! Our baby girl, Faye, arrived.
Our hearts are overflowing with love.

We are all well, happy & healthy settling in at home and getting to know each other.
She is a little bit amazing and we love her so much.

We had a beautiful natural birth without complications or interventions. I am so grateful for how well everything went. Still in awe of the female body the miracle of bringing new life into the world I want to thank our amazing support team of the midwives of the Avoca Group at the Royal Women's Hospital (especially Monique & Amy) and our Doula Lucretia!
It was truly the greatest day in our lives.
Dave was there from the first to the last contraction, holding me, catching little Faye, cutting the cord and looking after me in every way.

Now excuse us, while we cuddle and kiss (and feed and change) the little one.
Dalston is such a proud big brother already!  Having this little family of four is the best.
We will be back with plenty of updates and more photos!

The baby nest is by Bubnest & blanket via Organic Mums & Bubs