Waiting for Baby & My baby brain

Very unflattering angle...but hey, who cares at 39+ weeks pregnant! Dalston looks good as usual!

Life lately has felt a little like ticking off extra long to-do lists and the pics above are just little moments we got to document on our phones in between.

It's a magical and surreal time, this waiting for baby business.
I really want to savour every moment.
We always wanted to have one kid, so this is possibly the only time I am going to be pregnant this in this lifetime.
(Unless the little girl completely changes our mind, you never know, right? Or if life has different plans for us...)
On the other hand, I am really looking forward to the birth, to meeting our baby and having her out in the world with us. With the due date approaching it's really about time now, baby girl. We are ready!

Time has just been flying past and I am still working a lot from home, doing admin, emails and also trying my best to prepare some blog posts ahead of time. Before we will disappear into our baby bubble for a short while.

I have done little posts about how I have been feeling in each trimester. I added things that I have loved and found useful. If you like you can check out my 1st, 2nd and 3rd-trimester round-ups.

What I didn't mention was my main pregnancy baby brain.
I have been quite forgetful during pregnancy and have found it hard to concentrate on work.
Everything takes me waaaaay longer, which I am not used to. At least half the time when I have left the house, I forgot to bring the most important thing. I have even been late for appointments, which NEVER happens. Dave had many good laughs.
One time I accidently took both our keys to work in the morning. I actually locked him and Dalston into the house that day.
But most my daily baby brain experiences are way more harmless. I am definitely looking forward to getting my brain back!
On the other hand, I am sure it was my bodies way of telling me to just focus on baby girl and to let everything else go for the time being.

Over the long Easter weekend, we were really blessed with the most beautiful sunny weather after we had a couple of very cold days. We were just hanging out, going for long walks, eating delicious vegan food and slept as much possible. We didn't even really bother taking pictures. (sorry!) We just needed to recharge. April has possibly become my favourite time of year with all the warm sunny days and crisp cool nights.
 It's probably time to let go and embrace the new season, which will be so cosy with baby.
And here we are waiting and getting ready...