A Library & Lunch Date

Did I ever mention that we are slightly addicted to the About Life lunch buffet? About Life is our local wholefoods store and more often than not we grab some food there before getting our groceries for the week. I am predicting we will grab food there even more often in the coming months, when baby girl arrives...
When strolling around the neighbourhood afterwards we noticed that we had never checked out our new local library.

With the baby on the way, I have been thinking a lot about reading, how much books meant to me as a child and how we would like to make reading stories a part of our family rhythm.

It was amazing to see the space they have created! Woollahra Library, we adore you!!!
We actually signed up on the spot and kept browsing around for much longer than we had planned. I can already see myself hanging out there with our baby girl on some rainy days and we will try to really make good use of our membership.