My first trimester round up

Have you heard the big tiny news? It has already changed everything...
I am officially through the first trimester, so I am about to feel fantastic, or at least that's what everyone is telling me.

After feeling amazing and glowing and grateful for two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, nausea and fatigue kicked in.

I was beyond surprised how these early weeks have knocked me off my socks and just put my life on hold while our baby was doing all this amazing growing.
My intention was to just keep feeling healthy and fabulous and to stay fit right from the start.
But easier said than done. I had to surrender and give my body all the rest it demanded. I was somehow able to work but then afterwards I was just too tired to keep my eyes open.
It didn't help that I had a lot of travel, super early starts and extra busy days this time of year when all I really wanted was snacks and naps. It really felt like having nasty flu/stomach bug/virus that just won't go away.
None of the general advice of trying ginger etc. helped my nausea at all. None did the constant snacking, although without snacking I did feel worse.
The only thing that helped was lying down, curled up in bed and closing my eyes.
Sometimes something really sour would help a little like eating an Umeboshi Plum.
Another saviour was practising Kundalini Yoga meditations, even short and simple ones. Together with a very gentle practice with lots of rest.
Connecting to the few close friends and family that knew our news from the start was so great and helpful too.

Taking a vegan, organic whole foods prenatal vitamin every day (which I started a few months before I was pregnant) made me feel at ease about my nutrition on days that I wasn't able to eat as well as I had planned. The MyKind Organics Prenatal Multi were the best I could find.
I also take the B12 Spray from the same brand. I also took a vegan DHA supplement.
On mornings when I wasn't able to get much down I made myself a breakfast smoothie in the Vitamix.
By adding some vegan protein powder, it was a full meal, while also making sure I got my fruit and veggies.
I felt like my body had gone on autopilot and just did its own thing.
And when this body needed sleep there was no way I could keep my eyes open.

I had so many great plans for the blog and lot's lined up, but hey, I had to grow this baby and wasn't able to do both at the same time. I didn't expect this at all, I thought I keep going, as usual, doing lot's of things at a time and just going to bed a little earlier. Little did I know...

Even though feeling nauseous and tired I still somehow enjoyed the first trimester somewhat.
I always reminded myself that I was doing my best. While I was lying in bed, I started to read some great books about birth, pregnancy etc.
I really loved

My cravings were for carbs I wanted Sourdough and Potatoes at all times! I didn't like anything raw, except Oranges.
I am not usually a picky eater so this must have all been pretty confusing to the husband.
Cooking has been off limits, it was either Dave that had to cook or we actually just had something very basic..

The smell of coffee makes me sick as well, so I won't go near it. 

I have definitely learned a lot about surrendering already, about letting go and about prioritising in these early weeks.

I also started to show and quite a few clothes no longer fit. I love that little bump but it needed some bigger clothes.
So I went for an online shopping spree ordering new flowy Summer clothes, swimwear and new bras....because a few things have changed over here.

Here is to the second trimester...the fun one! It's so good to feel better while I am typing this :)
P.S: We are already loving this little Plum so so much.